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Jacks failing...?


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We heard a repeating clunking sound last night in our rig. It seemed to repeat every few minutes or so. Not loud, but enough for us to hear it. Sometimes louder than other times. I could not figure what was the source of the sound. The wife suddenly said, "I think the jacks are failing." The V-support I have on the front hitch seemed to have become much tighter, leading me to believe the front jacks are allowing the rig to drop ever so slightly. I plan to see if I can raise the front of the rig off the V-support and see if the rig settles/drops again.


Do jacks fail often? Anyone experienced same?


We have a 2012 Blackwood by Thor.


Any thoughts?

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Hi,is it Level Up by Lippert? I bought a pair of heavy duty jack stands and use theM whenever set up, I have had the front landing gear fail and don't trust the system. Before everyone starts saying take and get it fixed, I have spent approxitmatly six months of ownership getting it fixed. Lippert has produced an inferior product and thats my opinion. So I created my own fix, I call It my (Lippert Support), i'm talking about the jack stands of course!

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Jacks can and do fail, but a great deal of your answer depends upon what type and brand your jacks are. From the description of the sound my guess is that yours are hydraulic and that they are leaking, either back to the reservoir or they could be leaking externally. Either one would cause a loss of the hydraulic lock that holds them extended and you would slowly creep down with jerks and noises.

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If you google 'Lipert Level up popping noise' You'll get a ton of hits like this one.



The jacks are made of dissimilar metals and expand at different rates.


I added some Torko 15W Fork oil in the reservoir. The oil is a full synthetic and has modifiers that reduce stiction.

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Before you start changing parts read some of the posts you'll find when you do a google search and you'll have a much clearer picture of the system, probable causes and fixes. You have jacks that are known to pop on hard surfaces. It is well known and most times adding a small amount of the fork oil will help. Bear in mind Lippert doesn't build the jacks, anything else in the system for that matter. So before you start spending. research and save some $$$

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Thanks for all the comments. I'm still under warranty, so I'll take the comments to the dealer because often they don't know &((*^! But you guys have some great insights. I'll keep all posted as best I can.


Humor: friends and I have friendly discussions of the merits of chevy and/or dodge trucks. He pulls with a chevy and I have a dodge.


I told him of a sign I saw on the highway:



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