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  1. all your love and prayers mean so much, just love the one with your with hold on . it keeps me going, it's not easy butit helps. He enjoy working and helping others and giving his advise sweet. You all travel safe. god be with each and everyone,. hugs suzanne
  2. we lost jim  he passed yesterday. the 24th. he was 74 and had covid. he will be missed. love him with all my heart and love. you all be safe. hugs suzanne spence.     jim.e.spence@gmail.com   I still get his mail.,

    hugs suzanne

    1. Kirk W

      Kirk W

      Thank you for letting me know. I will share the information with the forum and offer a prayer for you. You are in my mind and in my heart. I am now 78 and Pam 79 so we are hiding out but will shed some tears with you.

  3. 😪 so sad to say. Jim Spence has lot his life. He passed the 24th in afternoon peacful. With covid. I was with him and said my beloved huband. He was 74 yrs a very hadr workeer and my sould mate, I loved him with my life and soul. He leaves son and daughter and several grandchildren and on great grandchild. he will be missed, love and hugs to all, be safe. suzanne spence
  4. thank you, not looking to good.,. be safe and wear a mask. hugs suzanne . and jim
  5. good moring . we're in Ramble Roads RV Park in Salome AZ, 85348 on hyw 60. nice park, space 73. jim wasn't doing good yesterday, doctor changed some stuff and see how that goes,, thanks for your prayers. safe travesls. be safe suzanne hugs
  6. he was my devilish man. tys for good wish be safe and wear mask, safe traveles. hugs suzanne
  7. thank you, I don't know how to post here, jim always enjoyed reading in here,, not the best toinght . it;s is ruff. you all take care and be safe, hugs suzanne
  8. thank you . safe travels. hug suzanne
  9. just sending a messeage. Jim is in the Hospital with Covid. and on a ventilator very sick, I can't see him or talk at him, it will be a while before on again, you all be safe and wear a mask , safe and happy travels to all, hugs suzanne for jim spence,
  10. I would try running your awning rod in there and run water while you pull out on it and hopefully you can get it worked out.. Thats what I use to clean mine turn water on full bore and run the rod back and forth on the bottom of heater until all the goodies stop floating out
  11. My son was younger than yours when I divorced and I can tell you that once or twice a year will not work. As he grows older he will develop friendships with others that he spends time with daily. A 2 week vacation in the RV might work but he is going to start missing his mother, his friends and his daily routines. As my aging mother used to say She liked often, short visits. This hurts me just writing this bringing up memories, but any way you look at it this moving away in an RV and not seeing him for long periods of time is going to hurt everyone. You and your wife need to decide whats best for him and I dont envy you having to make that decision
  12. It could be a relay that cllcks off after you hit the end of the cycle but they normally reset themselves within a minute, My rear stabilizers are like that. My relay is right behind the rocker switch for stabilizers on the saame panel. I can hear it but not see it. Make sure your key is on and listen for a click when you activate the switch
  13. If in doubt hang a heat lamp below the tank or add a cpl gallons of whiskey to the tank
  14. I could think of better places to work. If you had use of a backhoe and a field you could bury about 3 ft of 24" corrugated poly pipe and you would be in business
  15. run your jacks out to level trailer and block under frame and then retract jacks or leave hooked to tow vehicle. All the weight sits on the king pin when you are towing it and the highest they could go which they wouldnt is until the backend hits which you come close to when you pull through road gutter to fast when you pull in to get fuel.. You can call IND and ask but I'm sure they do it the same way
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