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Installed EZ HOSE CARRIER on motorhome?


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We're thinking of installing an "EZ hose carrier" (resembles an approx.. 12" diameter plastic pipe) somewhere on our 14 Bounder 35K to hold our most-user pieces of sewer piping but unsure where best to install this - thinking mounted under the driver's slide if we can find a suitable place to mount it & looking for any suggestions? THANKS!!!

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I usually buy big enough thin wall PVC drain pipe and make my own with adequate end bells etc. I have mounted them,,,,,,,,,,,,,On the rear up against the coach on top the bumper,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Under the rear bumper,,,,,,,,,,,under the RV just behind the duals,,,,,,,,,,,,Of course it all depends on what's there like gas tanks and tow hitches etc etc but usually you can find a good place out of the way THAT WONT DRAG OR CATCH THE GROUND YA KNOW. I have used hanger iron as well as heavy duty zip ties and never had a problem. Another handy item is take 4 inch thin wall PVC and rip/cut in half long ways to use as a trough to hold the sewer hose maybe from the RV to where the hose fits into one of those slinky type sewer hose guides in case the guide wasn't long enough or even from RV to the dump fitting itself, its easy and lightweight. I actually have two such holders under the RV, one for a 10 ft sewer hose the other for a 20 ft. which works out real well depending on location of dump station to the RV.


John T

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No idea on a Bounder... Up out of the way so you don't scrape it off is my suggestion, we unintentionally removed ours when I decided we could drive over a bush to get to a boondocking spot that looked nice. We used the PVC drain pipe too, try to mount it with one end a bit low and drill a 1/4 or larger drain hole.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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