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  1. Ronbo: Thanks, I was thinking it would likely come to that. My 14 Fleetwood Bounder had a controller in a handy location, so I was just hoping... 🙂
  2. Hey Gang! I've recently purchased my 2nd Class "A" & am having difficulty locating the "off switch" for my 2019 Fleetwood Southwind's awning wind sensor. I'd like to turn it off so I'd be able to semi-permanently set out my awning with straps, etc. My previous Class "A" (2014 Fleetwood Bounder) had the awning sensor controls conveniently located in the compartment above the entry door, but this rig doesn't seem to want me to find it! Wondering if it's maybe as simple as pulling a fuse??? I've searched all over - HELP?
  3. I had towed an AUTOMATIC transmission 2014 Jeep Wrangler Sport model for 5 years with great success, the only "gripe" I ever had was we were unable to put anyone in the back seat unless they were HIGHLY flexible! Just purchased a 2015 GMC Terrain (basically, it's a Chevy Equinox) for (much) more passenger & cargo room - it's working GREAT!
  4. Guys (Gals?): I very much appreciate all the input above. I went browsing through my owner's manual (as some wise person(s) above suggested) & found out that, while when I have my jack system on "AUTO" a push of the RETRACT ALL JACKS button brings them all completely up, if I have the system on "MANUAL" the jacks will only retract while the button is pushed, so I did just that (held the retract button just enough for all the jacks to come up "just a bit"), then I releveled the rig so's now she (dear Wife!) is content - at least, for the moment! 🙂
  5. Kirk W. We are currently on concrete, so no way my jacks are sinking into the ground. I believe I'm experiencing a very slow loss of hydraulic pressure - that'll be addressed at the dealer when we get back home in April, but after talking with other Class "A" owners it seems to be a pretty common "issue" many face. As you likely are aware raising my jacks is an "all-or-nothing" proposition, so I can't simply lower the "high-side" just a tad. Now, after having raised a side earlier this stayover I can't raise it any more without risking lifting a wheel off the ground (a HUGE "no-no"), so
  6. PJs: Sorry if I wasn't clear: I've already "releveled" a couple of times (by raising which ever side has "sunk"), but now, if I raise a side any more I'll likely have a wheel off the ground. The only option I see is to raise the jacks & start over - my worry regards doing so with the slides out. THANKS!
  7. We are on our first "extended' (all Winter) trip with our 2019 Fleetwood Southwind & we are running into pretty much the same issue we had with our first Class A, a 2014 Fleetwood Bounder: after sitting for a couple of weeks we find that our rig is no longer sitting quite level! It's usually just off by a smidge at first, but after a bit longer it's impacting the flow of the roof A/C's condensation & DW notices it when melting butter in a pan - it all runs to one side! In the old rig it usually seemed that the galley slide - side would "sink", but in this rig it's been a different side
  8. All, Appreciate all the great advise offered here: sweetie seems a little leery about the ideas involving apple cider vinegar, tabasco or cheap vodka, so likely I'll try the one involving baking soda! 🙂 Thanks again!
  9. We've been camping in a Class "A" for 6 years now, but this is the first time we've had to winterize our rig (always keep it stored or in use waaaaay down South) & am wondering - besides the obvious step of "running a whole bunch of city water through everything" are there any other steps I need to take to ensure that my DW doesn't taste or even think about any anti-freeze residue that might be left behind? I'm thinking maybe it would be a good idea to put some water in my fresh water holding tank & add some of those "fresh water freshener" products & then run that through? I also
  10. Vern, Boy, that was the ticket! I ran the hot water heater on LP for about 1/2 hour (ran out most of the hot water so's it would run continuously) & then tried the gas furnace: BINGO - it lit right up, 1st time! THANKS!
  11. Daveh: Thanks for the handy info. - I'll review your attachments (& save them for later!) & make further efforts to get the air cleared from the gas lines. THANKFULLY this new rig has TWO heat pumps, so sweetie-pie will be cozy & warm in the meantime! THANKS!!!
  12. We are on our first trip with our 2019 Fleetwood Southwind & this is the first morning it's been cold enough to need to use the Dometic gas furnace (Model # DFW D36 141); the blower runs for about 2 minutes then shuts off with the furnace never igniting. The red light blinking 3 times, then pausing for 3 seconds tells me I've got a "Ignition Lockout Fault". I suspect this is being caused by air in the line & in my 14 Bounder I would just run the gas stove burners for few minutes & that seemed to clear the air out & the furnace would work fine. BUT, this rig has an ELECTRIC sto
  13. Has anyone tried applying 303 Aerospace Protectant to their Diamond Shield paint protection system - as recommended by the manufacturer of Diamond Shield - to keep it looking good? I'm in the midst of trading in my 2014 Bounder, which was showing some pretty severe signs of mold under it's DURA SHIELD covering, for a 2019 Southwind, which comes with it's "face" covered by a Diamond Shield. I'm trying desperately not to have my new rig face the same fate & I've see a post on here where a fellow claimed he's used 303 on his Diamond Shield for 8 years & it still looks practically lik
  14. Kirk, Thank you for all the useful information! JS
  15. Kirk, As always, THANK YOU for your advise here! I never had heard of having your OIL or TRANSMISSION (I almost used the old slang term "TRANNY", but understand that has a quite DIFFERENT MEANING now!) FLUID checked out like that - assume your watching for WATER, GASOLINE or OTHER FORIEGN MATTER infiltration, all of which can ruin one's day? The AEROSPACE 303 - being a UV PROTECTANT - I understood can help protect those expensive tires from damage from the sun PLUS, as it "conditions" the rubber I can help ward off DRY ROT & damage from OZONE exposure? I too cover the tires when
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