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Broke down on way to Rally - AGAIN

Jim Gell

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An exhaust part came off and must have broken a brake airline. We are waiting by exit 227 on I 75 just south of Atlanta, for Coachnet to come tow us.


Looks like we be late. But thats what we thought when we broke down on way to Hutch last fall and repairs took too long for us to make it.


Being towed to TA exit 201.

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Are you going to Atlanta South "Resort"?

Lots of HDT shops south of Atlanta - (Forest Park). Not so many on the north side so that a plus.

We're still outside Rome about 1 hour away. Give a shout if we can help. Six Oh Five - 212 - five five two four. Not doing anything Sun and Mon.

Hang in there.

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My DW's Grandmother taught at a one room school at the base of Chimney Rock in 1913. She graduated from Peru State with a 2 year teaching degree when she was 18 years old and took a train out to Chimney Rock by herself and taught for a year.



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