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4 X 4 Side-By-Side


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I know several of the HDT members have 4x4 side-by-sides. My question is: are any of them "street legal" in California?


Wife suggested we get one!


Thanks for the info.



Hi Gary,


It depends on the laws in your state. You need to check with your state to see what it takes to make your side x side street legal. The biggest things you will need are the correct safety equipment. Some of the equipment that comes to mind is the following, turn signals, brake lights, rear view mirrors, safety belts, etc.. Depending on how much you ride on the street, street tires would be a big help. Taking the knobby tires off can improve your ride. Do a Google search and look for Spike TV. The show you want is Extreme 4x4. The host (Ian) of the show showed how to get your side x side to be street legal. The big thing is to get the correct plates for your side x side. That means maybe a change in the wording of your title. The areas where I ride the communities are atv friendly. That means that I can ride my side x side on the streets in that area with the equipment that came on by side x side. The big thing would be to find out from your state what it takes to be legal on the street. I hope this helps.


Good luck on your search for info,


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As of right now, a sxs or atv will never be street legal in CA. There are some who have managed to manipulate the laws by using private registration services, but when seen on the street it all comes to an end.


I ordered an ID plate for mine and it gets us around in most states that allow atv use on the street.


I had an idea to "repower" an old CJ I have laying around with the Can Am and see how that works?

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FWIW: ATVs and UTVs are street legal in most places in MT. If UTVs have a windshield, turn signals, seatbelts and can go at least 60mph, they are highway legal. They are registered as motorcycles, require a motorcycle endorsement on your license and are issued permanent tags. I may have missed a few minor requirements, but we see them all over at home in western MT in the summer - not a good winter vehicle.

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