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Keeping those floors clean


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This is our 3rd rig, and we have never had a satisfactory method to sweep the floors effectively. The factory installed unit that has a 20 foot flex hose does not work as desired.

We bought the battery operated Dyson DC44 stick and are quite pleased with its capability. The real test is using the factory flex hose system, then go over the same floor area with the Dyson, and you can visually see all the dirt missed by the factory setup.

Save money when getting a new rig, take a credit on what the RV manufacturer offers, and spend around $300 for a Dyson system that works for you. Battery operated, rechargeable, attachments and you can store it in a closet.

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We loved our Orick, it was wonderful but finally wore out. Of course we got another Orick to replace it... Thing was unusable on our carpets as it wouldn't slide forward so you had to pick it up, sling it forward then pull it to you, it also did a poor job of picking up dirt. Struggled with it for a few months and donated it, replaced it with a Dyson DC-59 that we got on-sale at Costco and are far happier.

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Hmmmm. We just bought a 5th wheel (used) with an onboard vacuum. So you're telling me I shouldn't be excited? That don't work that well?

It's all fine and dandy until someone's marshmallow catches fire!

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If it wasn't in the RV already we wouldn't get built in vacuum. It doesn't work verywell on carpet and really only worked on the hard surface floor. In fact we don't even cary the hose for it. It is only used for the dustpan when sweeping the hard surface floor. We use the Orick that we had in the S&B.

Dave and Marge

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Another vote for the Dyson. Our HitchHiker came with the Red Devil built in vacuum. Wife hated it. Part of it broke "again". In December, we bought a Dyson on sale at Best Buy. Wife can't believe how much easier it i to use and how much better it works.


We purchased the 44. With hind sight, we'd have bought the 59.



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2009 Dodge/Cummins



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I had a Sears vacuum that worked just fine, but DW saw an Orick commercial and had to have one. We talked about it and decided that we would wait, since the Sears was still doing well. When the Orick arrived in a couple of weeks they both just loved it. If there was something spilled on the carpet like flour, etc., they could rub the Orick back and forth over it and it would disappear (down into the carpet) and the beauty of it was - they never had to empty the Orick bag. Had the thing for years and never did empty the bag. I didn't really care, it certainly wasn't worth a big fight over its effectiveness. After DW died, I put in a central vacuum that worked really well.


When I downsized to full time in a trailer I got a small shop vac that lives under the kitchen sink. It does a great job and I can vacuum the whole trailer in less than 20 minutes. Just one of the many benefits of full timing in a 5th wheel trailer.


I settled on taking my bread machine so I can make bread. A little toaster oven so I can make toast out of it. A Keurig so I can have coffee to go with my toast. And the shop vac to clean up after. :) Life is good. I have everything I need and don't feel owned by a house full of stuff that I don't really need or care about.

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We never liked the built in Dirt Devil due to the flimsy plastic hose and plastic vacuum head. We bought a rechargeable battery head with a beater bar that worked much better but it eventually died. We searched online and found a long sturdy household built in vacuum hose and a 120v AC power head. There is a 120v AC outlet next to the hose connection and the AC powered beater (AC power wires are in the hose) bar works great with the Dirt Devil! The only complaint is the hose is too long. Greg

Greg & Judy Bahnmiller
Class of 2007
2014 F350
2007 HitchHiker Champagne

Both sold 2/19, settled in Foley, AL after 12 years on the road


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Got my Dyson using my miles rewards from a credit card. Used up a bunch of miles I had never touched. Supposed to work 15 minutes on full "extra" power and had yet to go dead yet. picks up a lot of stuff. The motors for the brushes leave a bit to be desired if you have any depth to your carpet at all. Works fine on most other areas.


So do I wait for it to stop working before charging and keep it charged or do i run it down again before charging. I charged it for a full 24 hours before using the first time.



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Just a word about Dyson and Roomba. If you have pets both will get hair wrapped around the brushes etc. and make them pretty much useless. For the money that either costs you'd think they would perform better.

We had the purple Dyson Animal and now the DC59.Both got tangled with hair and required disassembling (not a fun task) to clear. In the case of the new DC59 after 3 months the powered head had hair migrated past the "seal" and wound around the pulley and belt which could not be fixed. A call to their support line was going nowhere untiil I iinsisted on speaking to a supervisor. He finally relented and sent a new power head (retail 199.00) after I convinced him that this was a bad design especially that Dyson claims unsurpassed engineering. Maybe the new style power head with the motor and planetary gears in the drum will be better.

I expect this replacement will not last more than a few months also.

Dyson's answer was to sweep/swifter first then vacuum. Why have a vacuum if this is the process.

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After following this thread, we too, decided to get a sweeper just for the trailer. The trailer has the central vac, but we have never been really impressed with how well it cleans. So at a recent visit to our local Sam's Club, saw a sweeper that looked interesting. A quick search on Amazon showed that it gets 4.4 stars on average with 774 reviews. Price in the store was better than Amazon (by $30), so we got it.


Taking advantage of some nice weather we have been having, used it the trailer. Wow! Although the trailer appeared clean, clearly it wasn't! Emptied the dust collector 5 times before we were done. The only downside I see here is that it is not cordless. However, the cord is long enough that we can plug it in in the kitchen and it will reach everywhere in the trailer.




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I lucked out and found a little turbine driven beater-bar attachment for out built in vacuum at a thrift shop for $2.00. The built-in was less than good for the carpet but with the little turbine it is was great. Of late however the turbine has been seizing up which slows the beater-bar and make it less effective. I have taken it apart several times before to fix but the last two times have only lasted a few minutes. So I am currently looking for another turbine driven beater-bar because the one we had worked so well.



PS The fix I mentioned usually involved removing caught up hair from one of our two German Shepherd Dogs.

PSS Just did a search on Amazon and ordered this one http://www.amazon.com/TurboCat-Driven-Brush-Central-Vacuums/dp/B000GJCPM6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424046987&sr=8-1&keywords=turbine+driven+beater+bar+attachment

PSS Apparently smaller is better I got over ruled when I when to place the order and ordered this one instead http://www.amazon.com/Vacuflo-Rug-Rat-Central-Turbine/dp/B00CX00HNU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1424048540&sr=8-1&keywords=rug+rat

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I guess I'm just a cheapskate. My $49 2.5 gal Home Depot shop vac works well. Gets those little kitty fur balls out of the corners and is great for sand. On a side note, what is it about sand in the RV? Is there some reaction that occurs that causes that stuff to breed? Any way, this little noise maker is a gem. When it brakes, no big deal at this price.

Jerry and Joan

2014 Ford F350 with 6.7 turbo, TrailerSaver

2014 40' Heartland Gateway Fifth wheel


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