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Diesel Fuel Additives, how often do you use?


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Yes, in the winter months when we were in cold country. The stuff I used was supposed to be mixed at an ounce of treatment to so many gallons of fuel so I estimated how many gallons I would be adding and split the needed treatment between tanks. I used a combination product, algae killer, water remover and anti-jell of various brands over the years.


Amazon has a bunch and lots of reviews: http://www.amazon.com/gp/top-rated/automotive/15718841


This is a good read on all aspects of diesel fuel: http://www.chevron.com/documents/pdf/DieselFuelTechReview.pdf

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Use it every time we fuel up according to instructions.

Double the amount in winter for longer term storage.

Optilube XPD

For most it must be ordered online - easy process no problem.


We have arelatively older vehicle - 2001 Volvo

X2 - Optilube "Summer Blend" which is a lot cheaper and provides superior lubricity compared to other products according to this study: Diesel Fuel Lubricity Additive Study Results

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My brother said he would add some gas occasionally when he found the truck with gelled fuel on a cold morning. Wouldn't make a practice of it though. He did over the road for many years and probably hit all of the lower 48 in all of their various seasons.



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