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  1. About $250 / year. Sorry, that and gas prices are something I do not concern myself with. All three times Coach Net towed me they first located a shop that would fix the issue and then towed me there. And I am on my second engine and second transmission. Is your cap per event or annually? And do they tow you to a final destination for repair it first drop cannot fix the problem? Good Luck.
  2. ""Knee pads for when you are down on the ground with your knees hooking up, etc" X2 (wish I had bought them earlier) Two Credit Cards Couch Net Roadside assistance Rand McNally Motor Carriers Large Print Spiral Bound Water Proof Atlas. Jack Pads Tire Covers
  3. The first time we had to restring our D/N shade it took videos, printed instructions and about 4 hours with the two of us. DW can now do one in less than an hour by herself. I remove and rehang. Once we needed to start restringing our repairs we went with Automotion. Automotion Elkhart Dealer We had them measure while we were in town but it is straight forward and can be DIY. We had the shades dropped shipped and installed all 6 over two days. One needed additional valance spacing.
  4. I use SeaFoam during oil changes on my Onan 5500. Draining two or three oz of old oil and adding the Seafoam with about a 15 min runtime. Also spray the carb for a about a minute, no where near a whole can. Can't say it improves an otherwise unhealthy generator as I have does this since day one and never had an issue with over 2000 hours on the meter. Storage is with Stabil Marine Blue.
  5. We took out the HEL in 1999 to pay for a two month tour of Madagascar. Used it again to buy our motorhome in 2003 as well as our toad. Then a new roof on the house and a two month tour of New Zealand, Australia, and Fiji. Came in handy for our second toad also. Paid it down to zero two years ago but still have the line of credit if need be. Just about equal to a new Phaeton....just saying. However we kept the house and don't intend on selling. I don't know how you can sell the house when the bank holds the mortgage on the Home equity loan? I am waiting to see what other
  6. Same problem in our bedroom closet. High rear outer wall. Drilled two inch holes for these and painted them to match the woodwork.. Two front corners, one high and one low on side, and two along the top. 2 inch round vents Keep the air warm and moving with this: Closet Heater
  7. Love these sort of mysteries. Especially when they are not mine. Water sources include refrigerator auto defrost which SHOULD be tubed to the outside? Automatic ice maker line? Shower water lines and drain plumbing? Is there any dampness around your ceiling openings, vents, A/C, shower skylight? Condensation on top of a basement holding tank? Remember water can travel along shelves, pipes, and wires a long way before presenting itself. I would set up an elevated cover over that area you hi-lited with cardboard and place paper towels on it to make sure i
  8. This will grip it and perhaps give the lifting leverage you need" BROKEN BOLT EXTRACTOR
  9. I have the original Weber Q, I think model 100. 14 years and still working great. Added the side trays a few years ago. Just the two of us but I think it would be fine for a family of 4-6. (depending on the cook 🍗🥩🥓) Disposable drip trays are available everywhere. (think $ stores) Stores well with plumbers propane and all tools inside. Weber cover is a nice accessory. Spark start still works. No issues with burner. The below worked for me but I am not recommending it for anyone else. I know someone out there is thinking as I did and might benefit from my experience: I am an imp
  10. Back to basics: The start button is also the primer. Be sure to press it to off until the light goes out then press start. You also might try starting it from on board switch instead of remotely. Begin by flipping off its circuit breakers to remove all loads. While next to the gen you should hear its fuel pump "clicking" while priming. Low oil level will prevent the gen from running once you release the start button. If we can't talk you out of a portable and all the PIA it will bring..... A couple of weeks on the road will convince you.
  11. 2004 Tiffin Allegro 30DA. Fall of 2003 ordered from Red Bay. 104,000 miles. Heading west again this summer so should go over 110,000.
  12. We volunteered for Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge 2014 May-July, Visited friends in San Diego, day trip to see condors, relatives in Imperial. Boiling mudpots, Buckshot cafe, Salvation Mountain, plenty of birds added to our life list. Yuma Prison, Marine Air base Gala, Slab city, Blue Angels practicing overhead. Elevated board walk always in need of staining. Remote unit vault toilet and trash pickup. Rodent control around Hqtrs and Volunteer pad an on going issue The RV pad then was between buildings right behind visitor center and uncovered. We visited since then an
  13. I like the verbal command features, being able to record/save pictures and video on demand. It also records date, time, speed, and gps location. Traffic moving, lane departure, and following too close are a little sensitive but adjustable. Red light/speed camera locations warnings is a separate subscription. The 180 degree field of view is amazing and 1080p/30fps is more than adaquate. I have the "Parking Mode" power cable in the toad and it records events while the car is turned off. That appears to be both movement and visual and is very sensitive, recording scores of events while park
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