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  1. Thank you for the quick response, did you make pads (if so what material did you use) or what pads did you purchase?
  2. A couple of additional questions.. Are Wheel Chocks and Stabilizer Pads (like rv snap pads) required for Class A Diesel?
  3. Thanks Kirk, Good idea on the locks, will have to check that out I’m sold on no in-motion TV, was just getting others feedback as validation. Was curious if folks with young kids or grand kids in tow make use of that feature.
  4. Thanks Rod, in-motion is for co-pilot only (vs the driver), but not sure its worth the extra $$. Good points on security.
  5. A quick update and a couple of additional questions. We completed our purchase yesterday (YEAH) and are excited to get out on the road. Plan on picking up the rig before the new year (getting the punch list worked). Have compiled quite a list of essential items to purchase (thank you for your feedback) and have been busy purchasing these items. Would like your feedback on the following. 1: Researching Satellite options. Wanted to see if many of you believe the In-Motion units are worth the extra $$. Do you use the in-motion feature often while traveling. 2- Any securi
  6. Thanks for the additional information, I have a bit more homework to do.
  7. Do the sewer hoses typically have to be elevated / supported and off the ground at most campsites? Also looking for feedback on whether or not an RV GPS is a must have as I take delivery and bring the RV home (400 mile trip)? I ordered the truckers atlas as a back-up an have seen the posts and feedback on the most recent GPS's. Do you use one specific for RV's when traveling? The RV has GPS built-in but would be surprised if it has the Height Restrictions & Road Grade information.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, on Coach Net Roadside assistance, is that needed if I have Roadside as part of my RV Insurance, the Insurance has a $2000 cap for towing, is that enough coverage for a Diesel Pusher? How much does Coach net cost typically?
  9. Yes, I expect this to be a learning experience, checklists I have covered. Do you have recommendation on where I can get a good deal on the "Patience"
  10. Thanks for the feedback, The RV is 50 Amp, if the campsite only has 30 Amp Service, how does that impact the running of the RV?
  11. Linda, Thanks for the feedback, what type of fire extinguishers did you buy and how many do you have and what locations in the RV do you keep them.
  12. Thank you all for the quick response.... great feedback.
  13. Hi, I am about to purchase my first RV, its an Aria 36ft Diesel Pusher. Looking for a comprehensive list of essentials needed for the RV (out of the box so to speak). For example water hoses, power cords, etc. Does any one have a tried and true list, lots of information out there on the internet but looking for a list that has been used by other members. Appreciate any insight, this is for part-time use vs full time.
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