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  1. Dlvgolf

    Winnebago Gutters

    Thanks, I’ll check them out.
  2. I have searched all over the forums and internet and can’t find where anyone’s posted a solution to this issue. I’ve got gutters that run along the edge of my RV. They don’t quite run all the way to the front, so the water that collects in them dumps out right in the middle of the driver and passenger window. I’ve put gutter extenders on, but that only takes care of the water that comes from the gutter. As you can see in the attached photo, water from the roof runs down in front of the gutters too. So two problems, gutter extenders doesn’t divert all the water from the gutter and gutter doesn’t collect all the water running from the roof. I thought about putting in those air deflector things like I have on my truck. This would at least make the water run around the glass and not run right down it, but I can’t find any to buy. This is a minor thing, but it’s driving me nuts. It also concerns me that the water running off the roof (mostly condensation from the air conditioner) runs off right in front of the front tire, keeping the tire and tire cover wet all the time. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
  3. When I post, I always feel like I’m at a meeting, “ Hi, my name is Dave and I’m a newbie. I’ve been RV’ing for 1 week...”. Any way, today’s adventure is installing a TPMS system on my RV and tow vehicle. 10 tires in all. I bought the TST pass through system. I’m familiar with 3rd party TPMS, as I have them on my motorcycle. Programming of the 10 sensors went fine. Installation was where I found the challenge. I’ve never had a vehicle with dual back tires, so I had no idea how the stems worked. I expected one to come out to the outside and the other the inside. I was so wrong. On my vehicle, The inside tire stem has a flexible extension on it and it comes through the outside tire rim. Very convenient. However the outside tire stem can be seen under the rim pointing toward the inside tire. I’ve attached a picture. My questions are, how do you even get a tire gauge on that tire stem to get the air pressure, let alone attach a TPMS monitor to it? Is this the standard configuration for dual tires or are mine out of whack?
  4. It’s almost time to start our adventure. I’ve seen a lot of video’s that say the a big part of being successful is to make sure we’re active in building your “community”, “tribe”, “network”, etc. I’m not big on social media, but felt like this was a good place to start. We’re selling our house and moving into our RV on 11/27. We’re not heading out on the road right away. We’re going to Florida to spend the winter (Dec-Mar), with the intent to go on our “big ball of string” tour out west once the warm weather hits. We don’t have a schedule, just a desire to play golf across the USA and see all the neat things to see. Looking forward to be part of the community. R, Dave
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