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  1. Installed items on an RV are constantly changing, old styles become obsolete. Hang in there you'll find what you seek.
  2. I had one get a hairline split at the screw-in male hose thread. Next one has the oil-filled gauge, however it will not prevent a re-ocurrance of the brass splitting. Oddly the split did not leak until there was high incoming water pressure.
  3. I do not want to see him blocked, I simply wanted a venue to tell him how I feel about the self-promotion since I cannot reply to his post in that forum. He has just as much right to post on these discussions as I, IF he is upfront concerning his goal, making money from his video channel.
  4. So that's why my buddy kept his 1966 Ford pickup. He lived in Van and operated the oil museum.
  5. OK, I went directly to the pdf and skipped over the comment block.. The comment asks for page # paragraph, etc. That is very unwieldy, have to return when I have much more time.
  6. JesseA is complaining about getting ordered to evacuate from a NF during a fire emergency order. Is that whining or just advertising his video channel? BTW I never click on such a link.
  7. Yes I need my 'stuff". I love the outdoors, but after 21 years in Army Infantry and camping in a 2-man pup tent, sleeping on the ground with 2' of snow around the tent, or in 100° weather with no shade.. Now I want the luxuries.
  8. I missed the link to the comment website, please direct me..
  9. If the gauge freezes the regulator workings are also frozen with water, which expands and cracks the brass housing.
  10. Pappy is correct. What is pictured is both ends of a 50A RV cord, not an extension cord. The ground wire connection is a metal tab on the outside of RV end of the cord. That plug and corrsponding receptacle are designed so the ground always engages first.
  11. This is not only an LP detector, it detects ALL combustible gas's. More than one have reported their sleep dog has triggered the LP alarm. Off-gassing batteries, hair spray that does not have an inert propellant can trigger the LP detector; and the list goes on_. All LP,, smoke, C0, etc. detectors have a life-span.
  12. Check out the service manual library of bryantrv.com. Perhaps you can locate the service manual for your water heater or one very similar. If has not been used in a long time I suspect the low voltage contacts are corroded. Unplug one connection at a time, clean the metal with a pencil eraser, then reattach. You may need to repeat this several times. I found the 5-pin connector on the control board was very corroded, and had to be cleaned 3x before good contact was made.
  13. Escapees is doing well IMO. FMCA has been upgrading to a new system since Oct. 1, discussion forums still not working.
  14. Watch to the end, the last 15 seconds will surprise and touch you. https://www.chonday.com/16478/bsutytranpl3/
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