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  1. Randy, I purchased a 2006 with 500K mile in 2010, and was disappointed with the MPG, so did the EGR delete, and at the same time, did the weed burner thing. Ran a straight pipe (a few bends & turns) with a turn down @ about a 1/3 turn. Removed the donut still got 6 1/2 MPG, and no change in power. I think the slight turn really helps with the dust, we live in the country, and 3 miles off the payment. After a year or so, I had to replace the cooler ($$). So, I removed the plug, but retained the weed burner. I'm 76 years old now, and can't hear so good, plus I had back surgery 12 weeks ago, soooo, I'm now in the process of reinstalling the stack. I saved everything, muffler, brackets, etc., but everything seems much heavier than it did 9 years ago. I hope after the reinstall I will be able to hear the "Top dog" better. OH WAIT, is that a good thing?? BTW, I was surprised your 2004 had a EGR, I didn't think they had them until 05, or 06 at the cost of a mile or two MPG. Good luck with your truck, and your back as well. Dick T
  2. Thanks Darryl, I have the sensor removed, and it is the thermocouple type. I had also looked on the parts sites the other day, and found the one that looks just like mine, but has a different part number. I'll give it a try.
  3. 2016 SpaceCraft has been setting most of the summer either here at home or at the factory. Got it picked up from the factory a couple months ago, and "she" started the cleanup with the AC on. It worked fine, then it set in the barn for about a month, and again, "she" wanted to do a re-clean(???) then load for the winter. AC wouldn't work, and got the E5 error code, which means a bad freeze sensor, or an open circuit. No RV repair in the area, and after research I guess either the sensor or the board is bad. I was wondering if I could just wire the 2 wires on the sensor to gather and check the sensor that way, or would that fry the board. Dometic was no help. I not trying to be "cheap" just trying to order the correct part so I could get cool. Hate to deadhead a couple hundred miles, got too much work to do. Thanks for any thoughts. Dick T.
  4. New years vacation 2015, I purchased & installed a LED kit from David, buffed the lens, and was going to clear coat them "later". The a couple years later, I rebuffed the lens again, but still was too lazy to add the clear. (We don't drive at night much anyway) Sooo, I have now purchased the complete lights, also from David. If anyone would like my old kit with or without the yellowed housings I would sell them on the cheap, around $100. The problem is the delivery. We are in Hoyt, Kansas (Topeka), and will be heading to Brackettville, Texas (Del Rio) soon, so if I could drop them off somewhere?? I could remove the kit, and toss the old housings then the freight wouldn't be so much. If anyone is interested give me a call, or text @ 785-608-3775, we have been so busy, plus we have had a few issues, so I haven't been on the forum for some time, so the phone would be quicker. Happy travels, and be safe.' Thanks, Dick T
  5. We use to go there every year for a few days, and I used the springs every night. There is a side for the gents, and the gals. Susan NEVER used her side, and I many times was the only one in my side. At first, I was intimated, but as I found I had nothing "special" to reveal so no one even noticed me, I felt more comfortable being there. At the time we went, you paid a modest fee to camp, but the hot springs were free. When the Indians gave the springs to the government, there was an agreement to never charge for them. Years ago,the county took over, and you know how government take over works. We only went back one year after that. We dry camped there, and was always amazed to see these old Geezers gather every night to dance in the club house. It was NOT a resort, and once our son, and his wife drove by just to look at the camp ground, and never went back. We I asked him why, he just laughed. Now that I'm an old Geezer, I kinda' wish it was the way it used to be. As Tom T Hall sang, "I can't dance, and I never could", maybe after a dip in the hot springs, I could. BTW, the Tecopa Hot Springs is the 2nd purest hot springs in the world. Dick T
  6. Oddly enough we are at the West Penal Co. RV park, West of Casa Grande, and bluethunder (Dan & Sarah) pulls in. Have never met them, and yet had the same problem at the same campground. Had a great visit, and have decided, once again, it is a small world. Wish everyone we met we were as nice as most of the Escapees.
  7. The same thing happened to us at this very park last year. We had been in the Big Bend area for about a month, and just like you we needed some hook ups before going to the Ajo, then Wellton BLM. They not only turned us down because of the "semi" status, they seemed offended we would even try. I'm kinda' a nice guy, but I did explain to them they were NUTS, and just maybe they should post a sign out on I-8. BTW, this year, Big Bend National Park, with all their wisdom, chose one of the busiest times of the year to close Cottonwood campground for renovation, plus for the last few years it has been harder to get a primitive site. So 2018 is the first year since 1992 we have not spent most of February in, and around that area. Sad for us as we are lifetime members of the historical association. Life goes on. Dick T
  8. Guess I don't know how to use this new system, because I can't find how to PM, (with more download allowance) or your email. As I've said before, I'm kinda' old, slow and dumb. Dick T
  9. Don, I think it was the LQ-4. I have a PDF for a LQ-2, and a LQ4 that I will try to attach. I do know that after installing the valve, I never had anymore problems. I also can't remember who suggested installing one, but I suspect it was Jack, as he is very helpful, and familiar with the BluDot. Tried the drag & drop, didn't work (104 kg) are you kidding me? Maybe I'll try a PM, or email. Dick T
  10. I don't want to cause a stink, but a few years ago I decided to do a complete rebuild on our 2003 Teton, and had the Mor/Ryd IS with Kodiak disc installed. Had all kinds of problems. I would burn the pads up in just a few "hundred" miles, also burn up the bearings, races, and seals. Installed the RV-1 @ 80#, no change. Kept bleeding, re-bleeding, like 5 times, no luck. Installed SS caliper pistons, pads etc. I would drive less than 10 miles, not touching the brakes, coasting to a stop, and the rotor was so hot it would blister my fingers if touched. I had installed the BluDot as per Jacks instructions, so I had a gauge on the output side of the master cylinder, and it never showed any pressure while traveling until I applied the brakes. The ONLY way I could use the system was to install a front axel hold off valve to keep all pressure from being applied until it reached 4 PSI. Then everything worked OK, but you would get a little surge when the pressure reached 5 PSI. Ordered a new Spacecraft with the BluDot, and HD drum brakes. Works for me!! Good luck, Dick T
  11. oletimer

    AIR LEAKS-I give up!

    That is exactly where mine was leaking, and it does exhaust into the exhaust pipe. I have replaced just about every thing, and still have some leaks, SOMETIMES!!! Other time the truck holds air fairly good. I also gave up. Good luck. Dick T
  12. As I stated in my post, we did double tow for years, and got along fine, and I feel we were safe. We had brakes on the Jeep, and a rear camera on the 5th. Couldn't back though without unhooking the Jeep, not a big problem for us though. When we upgraded to a HDT, we planned to double tow, but I thought I would try loading the Jeep on an old flat bed we had temporarily. Liked it that way, but now we have to stay with the older (2006 and older) 2 door Wrangler, as the newer Jeeps are 8" longer. Still good for us except we are kinda' nuts, and I'm not sure how long I can keep this Jeep glued together. It leads a ruff life. We all have to make choices, and I don't think our choices would be the same even for us everyday, but just don't let "the tail wag the dog". Ain't no perfect fit. Good luck, and be happy, Dick T
  13. My 2 cents worth. We have "camped" for 55+ years, and like many folks here we have went the whole route. Bedroll on the ground, rented tent, PU slide-in, pop-up, and 5ths(5 of them). Pulled 3 of the 5ths with PUs, and they pulled them fine, didn't stop them so well. Went to a new FL-70 mid-sized, and towed a Jeep for 14 years. Felt safe, towed fine, and if stopped for over length, I could unhook Jeep, and stay on the road. Hated that truck for 14 years, then SHE said you've hated it log enough!! Thought about going back to a PU, but again SHE said no way! The comfort, and visibility in the MDT is too good. Went to a HDT, kept both axels, and now haul the Jeep, motorcycle, bikes, and kayaks. No airplane(yet), but about every tool, and toy you can think of. Kinda' crazy. We are on the road for 7-10 months a year, and as we age (74-73) we know there might be a time for a MH "IF" Lord willing, and we are still able to live this good life. At one time, we did own an older MH for a trip down the Baja, and felt it was so much easier, but still kept the 5th as well. Our last 2 5ths were heavy a Teton @ about 20K, and now a Spacecraft about the same weight. We dry camp most of the time so with all the batteries etc. we will always be heavy. Don't think we could go to all the sights we go with a MH, and probably not with the 5th. Took 2 days one time in the desert for me to dig out. I was too proud to call for help. Sorry to ramble, but as I post this, I'm reliving some memories. Any how, like others have said, the choice is different for everyone. Man, I guess I could have said that in one sentence. Good luck with your choice, it will be the correct one. Or 2. Dick T
  14. I did something like that, but for 3-4 days, not months!! I'll bet it would still beat a tent/sleeping bag on the ground. Dick T
  15. Like I said, the one I purchased (looked just like this one)in 1993, had a drain valve, but was very slow to drain. That wasn't a big problem, because I always unhook the water supply, that is hoses, and filters anyway if things are going to freeze, and store them in the basement. I did the same with the softener. Would that be a problem for you? Just askin'. Dick T
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