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  1. Lizard skin is a spray on coating that is water base that you could try.
  2. My company has several Paccar engines very rare to have them in the shop. We have 2015 to 2018 4 are Peterbilts and 2018 is a Kenworth
  3. dan412

    DEF tank door

    I have the numbers from my door #8217126 hope it helps.
  4. dan412

    DEF tank door

    I just went to the Volvo Dealer and ask them for one at the parts counter.
  5. I just took my 25 year old chevy pickup in to the dealer for trans problem and they fixed it and did a great job.
  6. Is there still time to go to the rally?
  7. Looks good now all you need is some big straight pipes and you will all set.
  8. dan412

    Upper sleeper windows

    Called the Volvo dealer yesterday and found out that I have to buy the whole window the seal is part of the frame. They have them in stock only $450.00 each plus installation and tax.
  9. dan412

    Upper sleeper windows

    The rubber is what's bad and the dealer said you can't get the rubber you have to get new style window and it comes with the rubber. I would like to replace just the rubber.
  10. dan412

    Upper sleeper windows

    Has anyone replaced the upper sleeper windows in 2011 Volvo 780. The rubber that holds the window in is all cracked. The dealer said I need to replace the whole assembly. Can glass shops get theses windows and the rubber seals or do I have to get them at the dealer.
  11. I drove cabovers for years even with air ride suspension and air ride cab they still ride pretty ruff and not much room unless you find a newer one. The shorter they are the worse they ride.
  12. Good luck finding a RV spot for all of that ot fit.
  13. dan412

    Double Tow Question

    In some states towing a car on a dolly behind a fifth wheel would be considered triples.
  14. I have a 2016 Montana 3820FK with lippert jacks. I had to move them up to the top holes in the mounting brackets was very easy to do.
  15. I just went into local licensing agency you will need scale weight. Told them that I had all the required things to make it a motorhome they asks how long it was and that was it.
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