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  1. dan412

    Remove ET hitch

    I got the ET hitch off with Henry's great directions with pictures only took about half an hour. I have a question about the leveling valve its real close to the kingpin when hooking and unhooking. I'm worried that it might get damaged i would like to take it off and cap the line do they make a cap or should I put a shut off valve in line.
  2. dan412

    Remove ET hitch

    Thanks, Henry that is just what I was looking for. It looked like it would come off by using the the bolts on the sides of the channels but wasn't sure what else needed to be removed.
  3. dan412

    Remove ET hitch

    Temporary removal so I can hall a moving van.
  4. dan412

    Remove ET hitch

    I worried about the frame twist from removing the rear most x member to install the ET Sr. hitch. The hitch takes the place of the x member. My question is do I need to put back the that x member. I have a piece steel 5/16 steel plate that I can put across where the hitch was.
  5. dan412

    Remove ET hitch

    I have the Sr. and no bed or anything on the frame I will be hauling a fully loaded trailer. Truck and trailer will be around 80,000 LBS
  6. dan412

    Remove ET hitch

    I need to tow a commercial semi trailer so in order to get clearance I will have to remove the ET Hitch. The question I have is do I need to put back the rear crossmember or can I use a piece of plate steel a crossed and use the holes from the hitch to mount it.
  7. Picking up my new fridge on Friday at the Volvo dealer.
  8. I bought mine from the Volvo dealer. They were about the same price as I found online but no shipping they had them in stock.
  9. I replace all four air bags this weekend.
  10. I ordered a new steering wheel last week and picked it up yesterday going to install this weekend.
  11. Thanks for the quick replies.
  12. I know there is no battery just for the airbag itself. When replacing air bag in a car all you need to do remove the battery cables then wait a few minutes then it's ok to unplug the airbag. Just wondering if it is the same for the truck airbag.
  13. I'm going to replace the steering wheel on a gen 2 Volvo 780 I want to know after disconnecting the battery cables, is there anything I need to do before removing the airbag. Thanks, Dan
  14. We made reservations at a near by RV park so I will be driving to the rally every day.
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