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  1. I ordered a new steering wheel last week and picked it up yesterday going to install this weekend.
  2. Thanks for the quick replies.
  3. I know there is no battery just for the airbag itself. When replacing air bag in a car all you need to do remove the battery cables then wait a few minutes then it's ok to unplug the airbag. Just wondering if it is the same for the truck airbag.
  4. I'm going to replace the steering wheel on a gen 2 Volvo 780 I want to know after disconnecting the battery cables, is there anything I need to do before removing the airbag. Thanks, Dan
  5. We made reservations at a near by RV park so I will be driving to the rally every day.
  6. I have SimpliSafe in my home for 10 years love it.
  7. I bought new seat bottom cover and foam from the Volvo dealer I think it 230.00 for both.
  8. I wish I had the skills to do the things you do. Beautiful job.
  9. Haven't done anything yet windows are 480.00 each from Volvo and they have to put them in 150.00 per hour. I'm saving my money Dan
  10. A few weeks ago over labor day weekend a friend flew me to North Dakota to drive his truck from Fargo North Dakota to Kansas RVH Lifestyles and flew me home. It was fun I love driving.
  11. Hi Dave I can do it for you. I sent you a PM
  12. Lizard skin is a spray on coating that is water base that you could try.
  13. My company has several Paccar engines very rare to have them in the shop. We have 2015 to 2018 4 are Peterbilts and 2018 is a Kenworth
  14. dan412

    DEF tank door

    I have the numbers from my door #8217126 hope it helps.
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