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  1. My wife and I are in our early to mid 50's. As I look for RV groups, I see that many groups schedule meetings on weekdays (during work hours), and events over a couple week period that would not be conducive to my work schedule. We are in the "long weekend" camping mode right now since that fits our schedule. We camp in some of the Florida state parks, or local campgrounds, which for us includes Disney's Fort Wilderness. However, I see no activities related to short term gatherings centered around weekends for those who do need to work. That's not a criticism at all, since when I do retire, we plan on taking longer trips. We are planning a long trip in September from Florida to the Grand Canyon and Moab, UT, but that will be our vacation for the year. Also, as stated in previous messages, looking at the pictures of various activities shows the large age difference as well as differences in activities between the members of the groups and people my age or especially younger. It's a tough situation because it is kind of a vicious circle; the pictures show an older group because younger people aren't being attracted, but younger people aren't being attracted because it looks like a group for older people. My mother and father in law used to belong to the Airstream caravan groups where there would be a group of people traveling to a desitination and return. The trips were not very long, nor were they a huge gathering, but opportunities for people of like interests to travel together. Perhaps some sort of forum for people to reach out and compare available schedules, destinations of interest, and some info on each other for the purposes of planning small trips to different destinations comprised of those whose interests and schedules match. I think that there is plenty of interest for younger people to join a camping group; but the perception is there is not a group that fits. Not totally sure how to fix that, but wanted to provide some thoughts. I've even thought of looking to start a group at our church for campers. We have one for riding motorcycles that meets once a month and does well, so why not camping? Doug
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