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  1. I apologize. I looked it up and I was wrong. 14/20 is the new limit but it is not unlimited. You do have to leave after the 14 days.
  2. The NM park pass is not unlimited. Only good for 14 nights and then out of that park for 16 nights. 14 nights in any 30 day period.
  3. I at one time had one, in fact we had two. They hit you up for an extra vehicle fee of $10 if you have more than a motorized RV and toad or a trailer and truck. My wife drives the Jeep behind our truck and 5'er. Back then each one was $100 so if I stayed 20 nights in NM state parks it would pay for itself because it saved us $10 a night and we had a nightly cost of $4. Since we spend most of the year in SoCa I doubt I would buy the passes again.
  4. The one and only time I was there I could not wait to get out of there. While there I did see a police patrol car driving through.
  5. I have used 2 quality jack stands under the back of the fiver for years and if makes a big difference. Like another poster replied a set of levers on the rear would be a good idea. Pay a little more and have a 8 point leveling. Or they could move the one directly behind the wheels back toward the rear and it would make it so much better with less wobble.
  6. Just bought a new residential fridge. Uses 6 Amp on start up and much less when running. Also just bought a 1000W inverter. Inverter will power fridge from battery and battery will be charged back up from truck while driving down the road by the alternator on truck. Inverter will power fridge from battery and battery will be charged back up from the convertor while hooked up to shore power. So I'm taking 120VAC and turning it into 12 VDC and then turning it back to 120VAC. Does all this make sense ?? Is all this right ???
  7. All you need is a cup of hot water and pour it down the side of the tank and use your hand to feel where it is hot or where the cold starts. Propane is cold and you can feel exactly how much is left in the tank.
  8. If you are getting nowhere with the factory and if you want it fixed you do it yourself.
  9. Get a small package of shim boards at Lowes or Home Depot and under the problem area insert the shims between the frame and flooring. If it works it's a cheap fix. It looks as though it might be too far forward to access from storage area. Good luck with your problem.
  10. You're mobile, if you're not enjoying where you are at, move on. You have wheels under you and they need to find your place of happiness. We fulltimed for 4 years and bought a house again and part timed for 4 years and sold that house that tied us down more than we liked. We have now fulltimed since 2013 again. We found our little piece of paradise in SoCa where we stay planted from Sept to May and do our travels for 3-4 months in the summer. Find your paradise !!!
  11. I think if it were me, I would put the garden hose on a light mist and run the wipers for an hour or so. Better than pulling over in a rain storm.
  12. Talk to TT. I'm not so sure that an individual can resell a Zone Pass and therefore TT would be the place to call.
  13. I have the Simply Go and like it. It's light enough that it's not a PITA to carry around. Been using it when I walk our dogs.
  14. I have the 7.3 and yes I do hear the fan come on, it's hard not to hear it. I did have Ford flush the rad a couple years ago and replace the hoses. It helped a little but the long climbs is when the temps get high.
  15. This past summer I had an issue with green algae growing inside the first 3 or 4 feet of my white RV water hose. It was the end that connected to the faucet in direct sunlight. I'm not so sure that the campground was using chlorine or enough chlorine in the water. It happened to 2 hoses. When we left after the summer I purchased the more $$ hose, a blue one with SS ends and not I'm on city water any longer so we'll see how this goes.