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  1. Indeed, I'm not even interested in buying but I clicked it on to see it but without info I'm not interested in proceeding.
  2. question about coyotes

    Since this is a RV forum I would assume that the OP travels in a RV and will possibly be spending most of his time in campgrounds. IMO he is more likely to be confronted by another campers dog that is off leash than a meeting with a coyote. I do not but it's best to carry a big stick to help protect. I have been in one instance that I wish I had that big stick but did not.
  3. Insurance

    Although my F550 is not a HDT is might as well be as far as insurance goes. I just paid a 6 month policy with Nat Gen through Miller and it was $1025, that's for my truck, trailer and Jeep. It has been going up about 10 percent every 6 months. Vehicles are older and worth less but the premiums keep going up and up. Clean driving record, excellent credit but registered in New Mexico. I think they figure as time goes on you are more risky as a accident is overdue.
  4. Solution to boondocking with dogs at night

    Here's my 2 cents worth. Just like the previous poster said about coyotes. They can run in packs and I've seen them in a chase after a dog. You mentioned about all the land out here in the western states. All of those have coyotes and lots of them, so many that some states, although I strongly disagree, have coyote hunts, where hunters will shoot dozens and dozens in a single day. I would never consider having my dogs out of my PHYSICAL control.
  5. Rats crawling into my engne

    I have had this problem and the problem is the packrats. At Harbor Freight you can buy a string of Solar Powered Rope Lights and I have used them for years when in a problem area. It solved my problem.
  6. FMCA votes to include towables

    The way I read this is that they need revenue and at $60 each that would total a sizeable amount. I for one would not join because of being restricted for 50 years.
  7. Miller insurance company

    I have used Miller for several years for my Elite Suite, Jeep and my F550 which most other carriers wont insure. It's a great price for all three but it seems like they do increase you every 6 months. I wanted to pay for a year but they only write for 6 months. Just an FYI.
  8. Securing fridge door while traveling

    As another already posted, I used Velcro strap. Lowes has them in their Velcro department. You can get a package many feet long and use the excess for hose bundle ties or for extension cord ties. I used a small 1" piece that I had before that has self adhesive on each end of the straps and put them on the cabinetry in a inconspicuous place. Made one for top and bottom door. Just roll up and stick in a drawer when we land.
  9. Canyon de Chelly

    Been there many times. Be sure to take the tour. It's the only good way to see the best of the canyon.
  10. Awning Problem

    Thanks Kirk, Do you think a week battery could be causing the problem ? Bob
  11. Awning Problem

    Our Weatherpro awning only goes out about a foot and stops. Sometimes it will go the whole way but very seldom anymore. Anyone have any ideas ? It's 10 years old.
  12. Black Tank Flusher (BTF)

    Kirk, This is OEM on a 2006 Elite Suite. Have no idea what brand they use.
  13. It seems as though my BTF has stopped flushing. Several years ago I replaced the check valve inside the wall, you know the one that's $55. This time I replaced it with just an elbow and it still does not work. I'm thinking that the sprayer that mounts to the tank is either clogged or kaput. Does anyone know if I have to positively have to have the $55 part, I'm thinking that its a backflow preventer for when you would leave a hose hooked up to it all the time. Has anyone ever heard of a problem with the sprayer head ??? Do I have to have the $55 part ??? Thanks in advance, Bob
  14. New Mexico State Parks pass

    I apologize. I looked it up and I was wrong. 14/20 is the new limit but it is not unlimited. You do have to leave after the 14 days.
  15. New Mexico State Parks pass

    The NM park pass is not unlimited. Only good for 14 nights and then out of that park for 16 nights. 14 nights in any 30 day period.