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  1. New Mexico can get to 105 during the summer but usually its in the 90's. Lower elevations are hotter than higher elevations. For the past several years we spent our winters in Palm Springs area which gets up to 120 degrees in the summer so we always spent our summers in New Mexico. Back in 1995 we went to NM for a 2 week vacation and before Christmas moved there. During the vacation we fell in love with the Land of Enchantment. We started full timing in 2005 and just left the road and bought a home just half hour south of Albuquerque. Most of the summer days will be 95 but with the low humidity its nice. A story that I always tell is that I was working in the back yard and worked up a sweat and went and sat under a shade tree and I started shivering, the sweat was evaporating so fast because of the 6% humidity that I was actually cold and it was 95 outside. There are many RV parks in the state that will charge $600 or less. You may or may not get a swimming pool but if you do it's heaven when you can go get cooled off, if and when the temps reach 105 for a few days or up to a week. We consider 95 degrees here a nice day. One thing that is definite is that we are missing the Palm Springs weather this winter. We wanted to stay in our 55+ Gated community this winter and see how it is. It's gets cold and some nights it gets down the teens but when the sun comes up it gets nice out. Right now in January most days are in the low to mid 50's. Next Dec-Jan- Feb we plan to get the RV out of our storage yard here in the community and enjoy Southern California. Long post and keep checking the New Mexico RV parks and you'll find one that fits your budget. Maybe you'll fall in love with the Land of Enchantment like we did.
  2. I got tired of all the BS from Direct and cancelled and went with Dish. It's all a new learning curve but at least wont have to be on the phone with them for an hour or two every time I call them.
  3. Will you be stationary or driving during the described cold ?
  4. Yes indeed, 450's and my 550 are insured as commercial. You might try Miller Insurance and National General.
  5. I think I would call a different Freightliner dealer.
  6. As the OP I want to thank all those that gave useful info to my post. And to the others that think I should post the way they want they can stick it, see I'm old but spry too.
  7. Share Tweet #1 Best Way to Sell Fulltimer Package Today, 07:11 AM What would be the best way to sell our 2006 Elite Suite 36TK3 along with a 2001 F550 Starhauler ? We bought the RV new but we think our RV'ing days may be coming to a end.
  8. I had a real short 1976 Dodge Gypsy Class C. I wonder if it was the same company.?
  9. We just replaced our motor and also the fabric. Was a little over $1000. Called Shade Pro, they come into our park almost daily repairing and replacing awnings. I worked out a deal and he replaced ours and I saved all my fingers.
  10. I think he is referring to Service Connected Injury.
  11. The day use pass is exactly that, for day use. It does not cover the extra vehicle entering the park for overnight. I drive our truck and pull our trailer and the wife drives the Jeep. We have bought two NM State Park Passes (senior resident) 2 for $200 which paid for itself in just 20 nights.
  12. Where is the best place for me to buy a new awning motor and new fabric for my Dometic WeatherPro Awning ? I do find some places online but when I read the reviews I DO NOT want to buy from them.
  13. Get the full body. We have half paint and the white with no paint after years will oxidize and you will have to put the ole elbow grease to it to get a shine on it. After doing it several times over the years I now hire the guys that come to the RV Parks to do it at a cost of $350-$400 to do a wash-buff-wax job. After 10 years now I have to get it done about every year (or two). Pay now or pay later.
  14. Are the tow capacities the same?
  15. We've been spending the past 4 winters in the Coachella Valley in SoCa and absolutely love it. Problem is the summers.
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