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  1. travelinbob

    Full Paint ? On 5th yes/no Regrets???

    Get the full body. We have half paint and the white with no paint after years will oxidize and you will have to put the ole elbow grease to it to get a shine on it. After doing it several times over the years I now hire the guys that come to the RV Parks to do it at a cost of $350-$400 to do a wash-buff-wax job. After 10 years now I have to get it done about every year (or two). Pay now or pay later.
  2. travelinbob

    2015 F550 vs 2019 F550

    Are the tow capacities the same?
  3. We've been spending the past 4 winters in the Coachella Valley in SoCa and absolutely love it. Problem is the summers.
  4. travelinbob

    Visiting Pueblos in New Mexico

    After living in NM for awhile now, since 1995 and actually moving there because of the mixed cultures I would highly recommend visiting Taos Pueblo and Acoma Pueblo(Sky City). Each is different in their own way. Absolutely take the tours offered and pay their camera fees so you can get some once in a lifetime photos. You should, if possible attend one of the feast days. It's a very special event. Maybe you will be asked to come in and eat with them in their home. If asked, don't refuse. We have ate with different pueblos many times. One time at Acoma we were asked to come in and eat and were invited up on their rooftop to watch the dances in the plaza. If going remember it gets hot, an umbrella will help.
  5. travelinbob

    Buying into RV Resorts

    We have a Platinum Plus with a 21 day stay. I have never paid a resort fee with my membership. Park to park with no time out and the 120 day window. I have on occasion paid a 50 amp fee if I wanted a 50 Amp site instead of a 30 amp site. Some parks may have a high use season and your stay will be limited to 14 days. That's the "nuts and bolts" about a PP membership.
  6. travelinbob

    Tire Pressures

    Hubs reading in the 90's....what bearings do you have ? I have neverlube and they run hotter than that.
  7. travelinbob

    Cochiti Pueblo - Cochiti Lake - Peña Blanca, NM

    Never, Never dive from the cliff. There could be floating logs in the water. In the past I have seen the lake full of logs after a heavy rain. I have camped there for over 20 years and worked as the campground attendant for 2 years. Never dive from the cliff.
  8. travelinbob

    Replacement 12V Track Lighting

    The track lights that I have found so far that are 12V have a transformer at the light head that drops it down to 12V but needs 120V to feed it. All I have in the ceiling is 12V. Someone must make them, or did make them back in 2006, I have one.
  9. I want to replace our track light with a newer and better looking track light. Some companies offer what they call a 12V low voltage light but it still needs powered by 120 volts. Where can I find a 12 volt track light for in our kitchen ? It has to be a track light to cover the holes in the ceiling from the old one.
  10. travelinbob

    Brand New Trailer and Need a New Water Pump?

    On your water heater on the outside there are little rubber covers that cover reset buttons. Just push on the rubber cover with your finger and it will reset and hopefully it will work on electric. Push gently, it doesn't take much and you cant even tell your resetting it,
  11. travelinbob

    1995 international 4700

    No I really don't mind the slow uphill climb at 30-40 MPH with my 2001 F550 with the 7.3 and 4:88 rear end . The problem is the 4 speed tranny (3speed w/OD) Maybe if it had a 6 speed like the newer trucks it would be a whole different story. My RPMs are right up there in 2nd gear climbing up some grades. Pulling a 20,000# fifth wheel also contributes to the problem. I'm near the 30K limit with my truck.
  12. travelinbob

    1995 international 4700

    This is just my opinion so take it for what it's worth. I don't think you're going to be happy with that purchase when you come to hills to climb. You will slow down to 30-40 MPH. I don't have an IH but almost bought one twice. They're nice looking trucks but that engine is the same as one in a F-250-350-450-550 with the 7.3PSD. The 530 engine would be much better but stay away from the 444. You won't be happy.
  13. travelinbob

    First Time Hook-Up

    What came to my mind first is that can you lower your trailer. Some come with a 2" riser to raise the trailer so it can be towed with the higher bed 4 wheel drive pickups. ???
  14. travelinbob

    Anyone ever visited the Very Large Array?

    Call them and see when they offer a tour of the operation center. It's only once or twice a year. We did and really enjoyed it. The Manhattan Project was in Los Alamos, NM, not at White Sands. The Trinity Site where they tested their first BIG one was more to the north of WS. Several museums at Los Alamos about the Manhattan Project. Make sure you visit the old one. The Space Shuttle Columbia landed one time at White Sands. I have a NASA photo of the landing with the Columbia being escorted in with 2 fighter jets. Bought it at a yard sale for 50 cents. God bless the crew of the Columbia.
  15. Indeed, I'm not even interested in buying but I clicked it on to see it but without info I'm not interested in proceeding.