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Found 6 results

  1. I have an Elite basic membership for sale. It is the membership with 21 days, park to park, nationwide. Let me know if interested, I'm asking $3,500 there is also a transfer fee that thousand trails charges ($500-750). Thanks.
  2. THOUSAND TRAILS MEMBERSHIP, Platinum contract, 3 weeks in park, one week out, park-to-park, select Encore Parks. Asking $2000 (transfer fee included). Option to add more Encore parks. This membership allowed me to travel full-time on a budget for 24 years, great resource. Email me and I will send you the detailed information: Margo@MovingOnWithMargo.com
  3. My wife and I just went thru a 2 hour Internet/cellphone presentation yesterday, at the persistent request of Thousand Trails. We are Fulltimers, have owned a TT Membership for six years, used 28 days last year (2017) and will use 7 days this year. We have a 'VIP' membership, 120 days advance Reservation, 21 days in 7-out, immediate park -to-park, etc. We pay annual dues of ~ $580. We bought the Membership in 2012 via a broker, from the original member. We are generally not unhappy with TT or the Membership. Yesterday's presentation left us with more questions than answers. Nothing was provided in hard copy. It was represented to be a contract update with NO sales effort... but in fact was a very strong sales pitch to upgrade to new designations of Membrship called 'Odyssey'... 'Ultimate Odyssey', etc. Prices were in the 6 - $8,000 range, for some nice features. We thanked them for the info, and declined. Then they shifted focus to another element of their sales pitch... that annual dues would be going up 'dramatically' (my words)... with projections over 10 years going into the $1K to $2K annual range. It was clearly stated that is the only way TT has to cover their obligated costs of providing camping sites for people like us. The two gentlemen on the cellphone were polite, but blunt about the costs and that it will happen. My wife & I had the distinct impression that the overall TT message was... "Pay for an upgrade... or pay big bucks for annual dues... or leave and we won't miss you". Anybody able to share any insights as to what is going on? Similar experiences?
  4. SOLD!!!! Selling Thousand Trails - TRANSFER FEE ONLY We are hoping to sell our Thousand Trails membership for the cost of the transfer fee only ($1000 last we were quoted). We are selling because we have bought an RV lot in Florida and will be snowbirding most years. Member #189960026 This is the information I had saved from when we bought it (as a resale) but please contact TT for accurate and up to date information. I am NOT verifying anything below as accurate. All questions about this membership should be answered by calling Thousand Trails Member Services at (800) 388-7788. ~~~~ *Book 210 days in advance *3 high use reservations on file instead of 2 *2 holiday reservations on file instead of 1 *Alliance member gets 25% off the guest rate *Unique to Alliance, whenever transferred the dues will be 50% off increase CPI after the age of 65. System Wide 1000 / Thousand Trails Alliance membership not a lifetime membership which can be used in ANY Thousand Trails or NACO park. With this membership you can go from one park to another in the system without any waiting period. 50 nights of camping per year for your annual fee. Any days above the 50 days is $5.00 per night. INCLUDES THE ADVANCED RESERVATION POLICY allowing you an additional 30 days above other members who do not have an ALLIANCE MEMBERSHIP and TWO HOLIDAY ADVANCED NOTIFICATIONS which will allow you to make reservations to stay at Preserves during two holiday periods. Please PM or email (froggi.donna@gmail.com) if interested AFTER talking to TT membership folks. I can't answer any questions other that what is stated about. Again, selling for transfer fee only.
  5. I am liking to purchase a thousand trails membership that has a no days out clause. If you have a membership you wish to sell please contact me dale_a_taylor@msn.com. Thank you, Dale Taylor
  6. Thousand-Trails National/Ultimate Membership, includes NACO parks. Originally purchased in 1985. Upgraded to include NACO in 1988. Stay at any Thousand-Trails park for 14 days in then 7 days out. NO LIMIT on the number of free nights without additional fees. Make reservations 90 days in advance. Transfer fee is $750 to be paid by the buyer. Annual dues are paid through December 2015. Annual dues for new owner would be $549. Selling price is $1000. Must sell. Health issues keep me from using it any more. Please use the forum message interface to contact me if you have any questions.
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