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  1. I use additives in my N14 Cummins eggg most of the time. Usually Opti-Lube XPD if I dont have any I will use power service. I have not seen much of a performance difference as far as mpg, Cetane boost do not make as much of a difference in our low speed engines as it does in smaller higher rpm engines. But it definitely makes the old girl start quicker and she runs a bit quieter.
  2. you carry 2,000 lbs of tools in your 2 door jeep? Is that a YJ? The curb weight is around 3,000 lbs. I don't see that thing having a GVW over 5k or it handling that weight very well.
  3. If you can pay cash, why not?
  4. Dang, I have KL2BX as a license plate but I could only put it on one vehicle. I have seen multiple plates issued to a vehicle, just not multiple vehicles issued to a plate.
  5. I have never seen multiple vehicles with the same plate number. That circumvents part of the reason we have plates at all.
  6. sounds like you are trying to create a new account, not log into an existing acct.
  7. Our rig is insured with Country Financial. But we have been looking at State Farm.
  8. I don't have a brand in mind. My intentions to buy a take out gear set with the gearing I want and a locker already installed and I will swap it out with mine. Then I just need to get it air.
  9. Not sure if the video will show here. But I need a new head/hitch myself. While I don't really want to spend the money right now I think i'll take this opportunity to upgrade to a suspension hitch.
  10. I carry chains. I have a set of cable chains for the steer axle, a set of cable chains for 1 of the axles on the trailer and a set V bar chains for the drives. I have yet to chain the steer or trailer but have thrown the drive axle a few times on ice. Now I have thrown the drive axle chains many times to get thru some mud. In the near future I will be re gearing my truck and will use that opportunity to add a locker. And at some point will install on-spot chains as well. We do a good bit of winter camping and snow/ice will not stop us.
  11. It has been a very easy process for me. Registration was a cake walk. I did have to hold my insurance agents hand a little for them to get the correct policy's but even that was easy.
  12. Imurphy907

    Purchasing Fuel

    We avoid truck stops. I can only think of going to a truck stop once with the HDT. The price on the big sign was a lie. Usually find a smaller station to get fuel and normally for a decent discount compared to the big boys after they add in the non advertised taxes.
  13. Imurphy907

    Purchasing Fuel

    Cash is king. If it's after hours I will use a Debit card, I don't have a credit card.
  14. Imurphy907

    TPMS max pressure

    how heavy is your front end and what tires are you running that you need that much air?
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