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  1. My 2001 660 with a Cummins and 10 speed does not require I step on the brake. I had never heard that before. But you do have to make sure you don't rest your foot on the clutch or brake pedal as my wife learned...
  2. My truck was originally ordered by Ryder. Used for xx years then sold to a dealer where it was purchased by the guy who converted it. He used it for a few years then sold it to me. I only know it was a Ryder truck because that info is in the Cummins database when I look up parts and such for my Esn.
  3. Hey Phoenix, how can a guy get the new square head? I have a sloppy binkly and want to replace it without a new $4k hitch.
  4. There is not enough info in the picture to accurate levy a determination on how much you may or may not be impeding the drive lanes. For all I know that could be angled parking and the Parking lines on your Driver side would be the exact length of your rig. Some peoples kids... probably the same type of people who don't like guns, so they want them to be illegal.
  5. I had a not for commercial use, commercial policy with Country Financial. Then moved to state farm. First as a commercial policy then got moved to an RV policy. Then after a month they decided they didnt like it as an RV and wrote the truck under a standard auto policy. None of these in the past or currently have any bearing on owning a trailer. While I have heard of some who require a trailer, seems silly to me.
  6. 454 is 7.4l, I own many of them...
  7. Imurphy907

    OT: Help?

    I love surge brakes. way better than electric for drivability. there are a few up sides to electric thou in being able to apply them as needed. The 5th(blue) wire is supposed to be wired to the reverse circuit. This is to prevent the surge brakes from activating while backing the trailer. I worked in a boat yard for a dozen or so years jockeying around boats and trailers. dealt with this over and over and over. ground running lights left turn right turn aux(reverse) never seen a trailer with electric brakes and surge brakes on a 5 pin harness. but it has been a handful of years since I have been hands on with a boat trailer as my boat doesn't fit on wheels very well.
  8. Wish someone could repair/replace the LCD screens in a gen 1 volvo. darn near impossible to read my display anymore.
  9. You have to take into account. Dies are made for different types of wires and connectors. I'm sure the dies that come in the HF kit are for thin wall crimps with Solid wire. The kit I have is from Burndy and each die has different color codes corresponding to different size and type of wire the connectors even follow this same color code. The size of the dies is no secret and is printed in their literature and on the dies. The size of the die coupled with the proper connector and correct clamping force are the only way you can make a UL listed connection so there would be no use in keeping this information a secret. You can look at Burndys website and they have a die chart with all the measurements on it. I even have a slide ruler cheat sheet with this info on it.
  10. My 2,000sqft shop only has one 14' tall door. Its 3" to short for the trailer to fit inside. I'd take pics but there is too much crud in the way to actually see anything.
  11. $1.99 gasoline and 2.09 for diesel at my local station. still on the way down thou.
  12. We used to have a "non commercial activity" commercial policy on our HDT. It was dirt cheap, but only offered liability coverage. We recently changed insurers, its a good bit more now, insured as a private vehicle but we have much better coverage. Under either policy there were no restrictions for bob tailing.
  13. The MERV rating of a HEPA filter is at min. 17 with the majority being around 20. A MERV 13 filter is great for pollen and dust and even touted for some viruses and mold. The big difference between between a HEPA and non HEPA rated filter is efficiency. A non rated filter even at a MERV 16 will only catch 75% of 0.3 micron particles. Where a HEPA rated filter is tested at 99.9% at 0.3 microns. I use MERV 13 filters in my furnace along with UV and electronic filtration systems. And I use MERV 13 filters when working in the house to catch more of the dust from sanding and such. but they are NOT the same as a HEPA by any stretch of the imagination.
  14. Imurphy907


    We had a dirt cheap rate with Country Financial, but it came with dirt level coverage. We have more expensive rates with State Farm, but we are much better protected.
  15. I have a PAPR for work since I'm a bearded fella. HEPA particle filtration. I have been wearing it more than just in dusty environments. Paired with Tyvek suites and gloves. I'm an essential employee and my wife has COPD and one of my daughters has asthma. Not risking bringing anything home. Been working from home for the most part but still required to do field work. Actually sitting in my truck on a job right now.
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