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  1. On the way home from a work trip yesterday. Road report listed MP 66-166 as "Difficult driving conditions, Blizzard, Poor Visibility, Snow on roadway" I drove thru that area an hour later. Not a spec of snow but 44° and raining. I carry chains and know how to use them. I even have options. I can use a set of singles on the drive axle if its marginal. Or I can throw some triples on the drive axle, the singles on the steers and a set of drag chains on one of the trailers axles. And yes I have been on some ice where all that was necessary. We don't let weather slow us down around here. When I re-gear and install the locker I will also be adding some OnSpot chains. They work well for marginal situations where you just need a little help or a marginal safety factor.
  2. Imurphy907


    Its not to late. The insurance company can pull the plug at any time until the car is actually fixed. I have seen them start repairs and at 95% say they are done. Pay for the work done so far, cut a check to the owner and send the car to auction.
  3. Meanwhile in Palmer Alaska its raining cats and dogs at 44°. The white stuff is creeping down the mountain. And I'm not ready yet....
  4. Imurphy907

    Wheel Size

    Alcoa replied to keep the wheels under 300° to prevent damage. So with that bit of info you can find 300° or less heat indicators and put them on. bear in mind the Alcoa stickers are INSIDE the wheel. So its going to read a truer temp then a sticker on the outside where air flow will keep it a few degrees cooler then the wheel itself. But something like this https://www.grainger.com/product/THERMAX-Non-Rev-Temp-Indicator-8AUC2 would give you a decent idea of what your wheel has seen.
  5. Imurphy907


    Can you use the stabilizers to lift you up any higher? I remember Richard Oder going thru that last year or the year before in Texas. It came up quite high.
  6. Imurphy907

    Wheel Size

    You can not buy the Alcoa heat indicators. But there are many similar products from Grainger or similar. You just need to pick the heat setting. I have reached out to my dealer rep to see if they will tell me what the temp range actually is on their sticker. I will reply if/when I find out.
  7. Our 34' Diesel pusher got 8-8.5 mpg it weight in at 26,000 lbs. Our HDT that is 18,000 and our 45' 5th wheel that is 20,000 gets around at 9 mpg. So we are hella longer, and hella heavier but overall the MPG went up. I cant really complain about that.
  8. Imurphy907

    Kodiak Brakes

    Wow, I have never seen caliper bolts with locktite on them. That just sounds like something is goofy, they usually get antiseize.
  9. I use additives in my N14 Cummins eggg most of the time. Usually Opti-Lube XPD if I dont have any I will use power service. I have not seen much of a performance difference as far as mpg, Cetane boost do not make as much of a difference in our low speed engines as it does in smaller higher rpm engines. But it definitely makes the old girl start quicker and she runs a bit quieter.
  10. you carry 2,000 lbs of tools in your 2 door jeep? Is that a YJ? The curb weight is around 3,000 lbs. I don't see that thing having a GVW over 5k or it handling that weight very well.
  11. If you can pay cash, why not?
  12. Dang, I have KL2BX as a license plate but I could only put it on one vehicle. I have seen multiple plates issued to a vehicle, just not multiple vehicles issued to a plate.
  13. I have never seen multiple vehicles with the same plate number. That circumvents part of the reason we have plates at all.
  14. sounds like you are trying to create a new account, not log into an existing acct.
  15. Our rig is insured with Country Financial. But we have been looking at State Farm.
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