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  1. fly2low

    4X4 VW California camper

    that is cool
  2. fly2low

    Trojan Lithiums

    I put Victron in mine 18 months ago
  3. fly2low

    Toad brake control

    I have a Dynamax, has air breaks. It is a class C, but I understand many/most do not
  4. fly2low

    repair estimates for major jobs

    The roof might not be as simple as just replacing or coating the top. If the subsurface has gone bad, it could be a bigger deal.
  5. fly2low

    Toad brake control

    SMI Air Force 1
  6. fly2low

    What company makes the best class c?

    Two Class Cs that have not been mentioned that I think are higher than average quality are Dynamax and Renegade. The question asked by the OP was "Best", not best value. Born Free and Lazy Daze are also very good, as previously stated
  7. fly2low

    Ash Borer and CGs

    One time we were sitting in our RV, and heard a loud whump from outside. Felt the ground shake. Went outside to find a large branch, about 6 inches at its base, lying on the ground. It was a limb from a healthy sweetgum. Talked to a ranger, and he said something like They do that sometimes. When we got home, I had a tree service come and take out one we had on our property.
  8. fly2low

    motorcycle lifts for back of an Airstream

    I towed race cars for several years. I had a scale that I put into the ball of the trailer to position the car to get the weight into the 10 - 15% range. With one of the cars, I had to back it onto the trailer to get it into a position where the weight was right and the tie down angles were right. Scales is similar to this: https://www.etrailer.com/Tools/Sherline/5780.html Weight distribution/anti-sway bars are also helpful.
  9. fly2low

    motorcycle lifts for back of an Airstream

    and talk to Airstream.
  10. One of my winter projects is to get the breakaway cable to the vehicle frame, and to get the appropriate length
  11. Had a similar event to wheelinit this summer, only difference was one of out arms broke. This occurred under extreme conditions on the Dalton highway, and I do not fault the equipment. I do question the judgement of the individual (me) who thought taking that road was a good idea. On the plus side, it occurred going up hill, so gaining control of the situation was easy.
  12. I am surprised that WA is not lower
  13. Not sure if any available on your route, but a boat shop that caters to sail boats could sew this easily
  14. Alloy The type of cord makes a big difference. I got my coach used, and the first thing I did was replace the cord. The very back end of the cord had been patched, and not noticed when I inspected it. I did not know that the type of cord material mattered, but it does. Now have the correct cord, and now only mildly impacted by cold. Enough to notice, but not to make a difference. Mine does not occupy a storage compartment, which is a good thing in my setup
  15. There are "cord reels" that do not require sliprings. Not really a cord reel, but accomplishes the same thing. It is what I have http://www.glendinningprods.com/products/cablemaster/cm-models/162-rlc My bucket for the cord is between the frame rails