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  1. Does anyone know open campgrounds on east coast

    Glad you made it home OK Sorry the lifestyle did not work for you You don't have to go to a reservation to find poor people in this country, though they are certainly present there.
  2. WiFi Ranger Go2 + Elite FM new price

    Exactly not so much for outside into the RV, but within the RV
  3. WiFi Ranger Go2 + Elite FM new price

    bump for new price
  4. BlueLghtning It looks like it is yours PM me your shipping info Ransil - if he backs out it is yours
  5. SOLD Trimetric TM 2030_A

    AndyJ info sent
  6. SOLD Trimetric TM 2030_A

    It is the "A" version, therefore flush mount shunt included solar charge controller - 2030 - included
  7. Came off of a 2015 Jeep Wrangler Everything but the bolts you need to mount it Took unit off for an aftermarket front bumper $200, you pay shipping
  8. $100 OBO, you pay shipping Replaced by AC units
  9. Replaced by Victron when I installed solar system you pay shipping Includes control panel and battery temp unit
  10. Replaced by Victron unit when I installed solar $75 and you pay shipping
  11. Roof leak

    First thing to know about leaks is that where you are seeing the leak inside, and where it is entering are not necessarily directly related. I would buy Dicor, several tubes, and get up on the roof. Clean all seams and around any skylights, fans, and AC units. Apply the Dicor to the now cleaned areas. On the roof, I use leveling Dicor