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  1. lived in AR for 15 years. Grew to love the catfish. Still remember Cock On The Walk - a restaurant NDBirdman - I don't worry about tree tops, now it is the low branches
  2. This is like asking for your favorite fishing hole
  3. This is our first RV. When we started shopping, we thought about how we wanted to use the unit. We both like outdoor activities, and solitary/peaceful surroundings. This meant something that could handle forest service roads, and being able to stay for 7-10 days in the backcountry. Before we bought, we rented a 30' class C. Liked the layout, did not like the lack of power in the mountains, or being pushed around by semis on the freeway. After researching units, I was down to the Super C category, either Dynamax or Renegade. After I saw the prices of the new units, I started looking for used ones. Both have good bones, and I like working on mechanical units, so we went in expecting to do some work. I knew the length I wanted, < 35', and watched the selling sites for almost 18 months. Ended up with a 2007 Dynamax Dynaquest 340 XL. The unit has served us well. We are not full timers, but take 3-4 month trips twice a year. We have replaced most systems in the unit - only the furnace and generator are still original. But that is what I was planning on doing when I got the RV. We ended up with the unit outfitted as we wanted to use it. We had a fan clutch go out this past fall, but because Freightliner dealers are everywhere, not a big deal. That is the only issue we have had in 55,000 miles. It does handle backroads reasonably well, highway driving is easy, and power for the mountains is OK.
  4. I found the information worth the cost when I last shopped 5 years ago
  5. That is the primary reason I had AM Solar do my install. It was during a time in my life where I was too busy with work to do the proper research to do it myself
  6. You will be bonding plastic to metal, so a panel adhesive might or might not work. You will want an adhesive that bonds dissimilar materials, can tolerate temperature swings, and will hold up to vibrations. There are hundreds of different epoxies. I personally would call 3M or one of their distributors to pick the right epoxy. And with all adhesives, surface prep is key to success.
  7. I would look at different epoxies. I found this store more helpful than Lowe's ot HD https://www.aih.com/storefrontCommerce/ the link is for the store in Fairbanks, though I believe there are others in the state AK will stress your vehicle like no other place
  8. I'm at about 80% in supplying reviews 100% on those places that have been particularly good or bad
  9. I've driven through much of New Zealand. Can't imagine driving with a typical US trailer there
  10. Carlos SecuritySpy looks very good, but I am bound to the Windows or Synology options. Any thoughts? Thanks for the Amcrest recommendation. Putting a system together, and had been looking at Axis cameras. I want good video quality, but their prices are a little hard to swallow for a home system
  11. I use campgrounds to fill my tank, then run off the pump. Keeps the tanks fresh
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