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  1. fly2low

    New experience while towing

    Been in contact with Roadmaster this AM. Sent them pictures of the parts, New one on its' way to me from Roadmaster. Will work out details later ab out sharing the cost. Now I just need the part. With Roadmaster tow bars, I cleaned and lubed more that once per year. Inspection is recommended less frequently. I am sure that no inspection would have helped here.
  2. fly2low

    New experience while towing

    Thanks Linda In the grand scheme of things, not a big deal. No body hurt, RV and Toad are fine. Money will fix this issue. Real problems are when there is an issue that money can't fix. Just wanted to raise awareness that this could happen.
  3. Earlier today we were headed up the Dalton Highway. This is a haul road, and per instructions, I was watching ahead and behind for trucks. Several times I pulled over to let a truck past that was coming up behind us. In every instance, this was well before they had caught up to us. I was driving slow, 30 - 45 mph. The gravel portions of the road are a little rough, the blacktopped portion are full of RV eating potholes. As we were climbing a hill, after just crossing the Arctic Circle, I glanced in the rear view mirror, and saw our jeep pulling out to pass us. Being on my game, I knew this was not normal. Fortunately, since we were climbing, all I had to do was slow down and pull over. For the last 3 years and 30,000 miles, we have been pulling our jeep with a Roadmaster Falcon tow bar setup. System has been so good and reliable that I never worried about it. The arm on the drivers side had fractured where it enters its' sleeve. The break was clean with no corrosion, so was acute. Other than the broken arm, no damage was done. Would have been a different story on a downhill segment. Reading Roadmasters site, one of the things that can shorten the life of a tow bar is driving on roads in Alaska or Mexico. Don't know about Mexico, but can verify the Alaska statement. Will spend tomorrow trying to find a new tow bar in AK or arrange to have one sent up here
  4. fly2low

    Visiting Pueblos in New Mexico

    We have also been invited into homes. It is a privilege to get such an invite.
  5. fly2low

    Visiting Pueblos in New Mexico

    There are more Pueblos than just Taos. When in a Pueblo, be respectful. Many of the locals do NOT want their picture taken, nor do they welcome pictures of their homes or churches. Always ask, and be prepared to pay.
  6. fly2low

    Owners forums

    This thread caused me to look at the owners forum for my brand. Used to be a relatively useless Yahoo group, but is now a group sponsored by Forrest River. Visited the site when it was new, and usless. Now very active with good info. Thanks for the prompt
  7. fly2low

    Alaska route

    If anyone is reading this for tips, the Top of the World is definitely worth the effort. The Dempster to the Tombstone campground is a good grave road. Beyond that point it gets a little rough Noticed that the Canadian portion of the Klondike loop is in better repair than the US portion. It is a limited sample, but the roads I have taken through Canada to get here are in better shape than many I have driven in my home state(WA), and throughout the Western states, and I am not even considering how many of our bridges are considered substandard. It makes me wonder about the future of a country that lets its infrastructure fall apart.
  8. fly2low

    Alaska route

    Thanks for the tips guys. The Dempster, though gravel, was smoother than the Klondike loop
  9. fly2low

    Alaska route

    Just got off the Dempster Hwy and sitting in DC. Need to seriously wash the RV and TOAD. Especially the Toad. Having a ball
  10. I can't compare, but I will say that we are happy with our MaxxFan Deluxes. Replaced all of out Fantastic fans this winter after one went bad. First I just switched out the bad one, but after the install I was impressed with how much air they move without a lot of noise. Plus easier to clean. Got two of the 7000K and two of the 5301K. Happy so far
  11. fly2low

    Alaska route

    We plan on doing both you roads you have mentioned. Plan going up the Dempster as far as Engineer Creek and the Dalton to Coldfoot We'll see about the Campbell in Aug/Sept
  12. fly2low

    Alaska route

    In Watson Lake now. Inquired about the Campbell Hwy. It is under repair, but should be good in August when we will be heading back. Might take it then
  13. fly2low

    A/C Dilemma

    Actually, I have offered parts out to people at no charge if they wanted them. I have a hard time selling something that I felt needed replacing
  14. fly2low

    A/C Dilemma

    I have a 2007 class C. This winter I replaced the slide out seals, both ACs and the microwave. Probably premature, but I hate breakdowns when away from home. Last year the frdge was replaced with a residential unit, and the generator got a 1000 hour service, and the inverter/charger was replaced I believe in PM, but I am probably on the other end of the bell curve from most people
  15. fly2low

    Class C with higher interior height

    Renegade built on Classic chassis has 90" headroom https://iwsmotorcoaches.com/FW_Inventory_Template.php?p=2168