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  1. Dan Johnson

    My Build

    jenandjon You should go to smokestack.com. There are a bunch of guys who really know onans. Down the forum is an onan section. They will want model and serial number and the help will come. The model you have I put 2000 hours on and is a good generator. Some people say way better than the 3600 rpm units of today. Good luck!
  2. Dan Johnson

    generator in truck bed

    Don't be too disappointed as I have checked their prices. NOT what I would call great deals!
  3. Dan Johnson

    Price of Diesel fuel

    Need to google "crude oil price predictions". Out to 2030 I see no predictions near the $100 mark. Things could change in a second but even diesel prices look like there is very little change through 2019.
  4. Walmart has some strict rules when it comes to tires. No common sense just book smart rules only. I think the lawyers got to the shop.
  5. Dan Johnson


    You do not say if you are already RV's. You did not say new or used RV. If new to rving and buying used there is a pretty steep learning curve on the rigs you are looking at. Cost of maintence on these two rigs can be pretty aggressive also. Good luck at what you do!
  6. Dan Johnson

    Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    Or paint graffiti on his business or home outside wall. I bet he would want to see you in jail.
  7. Dan Johnson

    Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    X2 Two comments: If I spray painted down someones RV would they not want justice? I could just say it could of been worse and I have employees so take it easy on me. Being from the business world I tried to patronize people who spent money with my company. If you don't like what Mr Anderson has done don't buy from him. If you don't think his defacing the land was bad, simple continue to purchase merchandise from him. THE END!!!
  8. Dan Johnson

    My Build

    If you are using your gen a lot on gravel roads go to John Deere parts. Get a long filter for a skid steer, get a long piece a reddi rod to extend the bolt thru the filter. Now you have clean air to the motor. I had a gen like yours on the back bumper of a snap on truck for 2000 hours before it needed help. Good gen just keep filter clean and run HD 30 wt oil. Change oil when starting to look burnt.
  9. Dan Johnson

    Boondocking for HDT with 40' plus RV

    My Big foot switch is outside behind a locked door. Lost the keys for a while so always thought about taking out the lock. After reading here I think I will leave door locked.
  10. Dan Johnson

    St Jude dream homes

    St Jude is GREAT place. Saved my son-in-law from brain cancer twice. Cancer free now for 9 years. He never paid a dime including transportation to and from Memphis.
  11. Dan Johnson

    Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    Point is he is not from far away like New York, Florida or South Texas. He is from across the border where news like this gets reported on. I don't fall for the" I did not know" line. He knew the consequences but ignored them. There needs to be WAY more than a apology or this kind of behavior will just continue. I wonder if I am sorry dad I wrecked your truck while I was drunk would work for his kids to Mr Anderson.
  12. Dan Johnson

    Andersen Hitches Owner caught defacing Corona Arch

    If you painted graffiti on his building he would be the first to call the cops but he puts graffiti on a permanent stone and we are worried about his employees! The younger generation has NOOOOOO respect for anything other than their own and that is even questionable. This dude is training the next generation, his kids. Can't wait to see how that works out.
  13. Dan Johnson

    Volvo engines

    I hear the numbers thing BUT I go up and down I-80 a lot. I count truck brands. I know I need to get a life but in counting, Volvo has at least 1/3 of the trucks on the road for over the road drivers. If I count there is usually 4 Volvos in ten trucks.
  14. Dan Johnson

    Insurance Exclusions

    I am about the same with Auto Owners. Word of warning about stated value is my agent says they will pay stated value as long as the rig appraises for that so be careful. I would want to talk to underwriter about the stated value.
  15. Dan Johnson

    Luxury tax in Montana

    When I bought two years ago I considered a Montana LLC. But I kept thinking about what happened to our local county treasurer who happened to live across the street from a highway patrol. Plated out of state but kept said vehicle in our county. Did not work out real well. This works it you live on the road but if you stay in your local state but plate it some where else the county gets unhappy. Best to check with your residing state.