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  1. Dan Johnson

    Garmin GPS

    Has anyone actually found the measured vs posted clearance different and did they hit the bridge because of the difference?
  2. Dan Johnson

    DRV (Pre-Thor) vs New Horizons

    Georgia Hybrid You will never convince the numbers ONLY guys. They have no common sense. 40 MPH head wind, the long hills of Iowa or the mountain passes of Colorado OR flat Nebraska. These conditions all made a difference on the test. For me I would rather have too much truck than not enough!
  3. Dan Johnson

    Garmin GPS

    I am fairly new at mapping. I have a kenwood with garmin radio in my truck. In other vehicles I use google maps on my tablet. The tablet seems just as good as garmin. What am I missing?
  4. Dan Johnson

    Value of Truck

    Go to horse trailer world, BEST then ranin junk which has a lot of older adds but both will give you an idea.
  5. Dan Johnson

    I'm not sure where to post this

    This is why I will not buy a used vehicle with a tow hitch on it.
  6. Dan Johnson

    rv trailer values.

    They do. It is called the 5 or 10 year plan. You can't believe the amount of people finance these rigs for 10 years.
  7. Dan Johnson

    Water Softener

    h2o mobile soft water- hydro tech systems 16000 grain $234.95. 8000 grain is pretty small. Double the capacity for $50.00 is the way to go.
  8. Dan Johnson

    Generator size

    How many hours and type of use? 4K Can = ? US dollars
  9. Dan Johnson

    Generator size

    You should post model and spec number. Lots of Onans out there that seem cheep but are 240 volt only or 50 HZ. Rearch the model carefully before you buy.
  10. Dan Johnson

    Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas from Nebraska!!!
  11. Dan Johnson

    In dash radio, for 98 VNL, replcement

    My 2014 630 is quieter than my 2000 Ford powerstroke. I can hear my garmin very good.
  12. Dan Johnson

    Lesson learned today.

    Is this F-150 only or F-250 and F-350 also?
  13. Dan Johnson

    DPF Cleaning Results

    You guys are amazing. SORRY I asked for advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Dan Johnson

    DPF Cleaning Results

    I was looking for information NOT an additude! Sorry I have a newer than 2010 truck!
  15. Dan Johnson

    DPF Cleaning Results

    I am confused! I have a 2014 D-13. Bobtailed 2500 miles, pulled 20000# for 3000 miles and never seen a regen light. Does my truck have a renen function or does it do automatically? It seems to use about 2% DEF fluid per gallon diesel. Talked to the Volvo people but did not get much help.