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  1. Dan Johnson

    Hwy 2 thru Nebraska

    Either route is beautiful country. If taking HWY 2 cut off at Ansley and take 92 into Omaha. Way less traffic than I80 into Omaha.
  2. Dan Johnson

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    COOL!!!!! Looks like not at 13'3" high but lower. Lower center of gravity and with lower ceilings it will heat in winter way better. Nice
  3. Dan Johnson

    Okay, who wrote this blog??

    All sounds good in theory but when someone pulls in front of you, you don't have the luxury of just going slow and gearing down. That is what gets me about all the truck specs.
  4. Dan Johnson

    Carefree Awning Multiple Seam Failures

    Find a canvas repair shop. Maybe call a truck trailer shop who might know the local guy who makes truck covers. Makes me mad that NH or the maker won't confess of poor quality.
  5. Dan Johnson

    Ram 5500

    I like "No replacement for Displacement". You can boost HP but most transmissions were not designed for the higher power.
  6. Dan Johnson

    Carefree Awning Multiple Seam Failures

    You should post on the IRV2 New Horizons forum as some of us don't do the facebook thing. This should be brought forward as 2 years IS NOT acceptable!!!!!!
  7. Dan Johnson

    TPMS, or not

    I am with lockmup68 in regards to overkill. I have lt215/75-17.5 h rated on my fifth. When I come of the road on a 95 degree day the tires are not burning hot. That translates into less chance of blowout. I don't care what the numbers say but if your tires are steaming hot your past the limit. Why are the hurculese tires so much less in price than the goodyear. Sounds to good to be true.
  8. Dan Johnson

    Anyone running an Allison trans?

    I have had both but now with the Volvo I shift it is by far the smoothest especially while backing.
  9. Dan Johnson

    Getting hot going over mountains

    Did you drop down a gear or just pull the hill in drive?
  10. Dan Johnson

    low vs high-profile AC

    I have low profile 15000 BTU AC. I think the fan on the roof might be a little louder than some others but not bad. I can say that at 95 degrees the AC will draw 12 to 13 amps which is fairly low compared to what others say a 15000 BTU should draw. I can run both AC with my Onan 4.0 CCK generator with 6 amps still available.
  11. Dan Johnson

    Slide topper

    I would like to see the different brands in person but seem like a picture off the net is about all you get. Looking back I can't believe NH would even sell an RV without a slide topper. I don't think there is anything special needed to add a topper from the videos I have watched.
  12. Dan Johnson


    Sign painters are not painters anymore, they are camera to computer designers. Take them a picture of the design you want, they will put on the computer and give you the colors you want. Most sign companies can do this and a whole lot less than CDI paint in forest city ,IA
  13. Dan Johnson

    Smart Car loader for sale

    MM makes some pretty cool stuff. I have a motorcycle loader for my 800# Harley which works great. Very similar to the smart loader. The ramp is slightly high on the front so when you start to loosen the cable the vehicle starts to roll off. If you study the videos on the MM site you will get the picture. The owner of MM talked me out of a hydraulic to the cable system. Any questions PM me.
  14. Dan Johnson

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    jenandjon I have sold both. The $37.00 one is junk. Look up a used one on ebay and you will be happy. Dan jenandjon I have sold both in the tool truck. The one for $37.00 is junk. Find a used one on ebay and be happy and sharp. Dan 4
  15. Dan Johnson

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    black and decker 4300 found on ebay. not sold new any more. Will sharpen any bit up to 5/8 like new. Yesterday while adding generator to my Volvo 2 bits went dull. Pulled it out and sharp bits again. It will pay for it self quick and you don't have to wait a year to get new bits. I am too old to wait a year for a new sharp bit. Check it out.