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  1. Motorcycle loader

    I am looking into loading my Harley ultra onto the bed of my Volvo. I have seen several brands on the web. I have kind of decided on a cable loading system as apposed to the drive on ramp system. I like the mountain master loader but can not find anyone that uses this brand. Any comments or recommendations!
  2. Hauling our motorcycle

    NO WAY I would put my Harley behind my truck. Gravel, water from road and continuously being out of level is questionable. I am right now looking at a Mountain Master loader.Obviously move money though.
  3. Hayes air brake controller install

    I am still struggling between Direct link and the hares controller. Some groups say direct but seems like some the hayes is more old school without all the electronics.
  4. 2013 Honda CRV EX-L AWD

    How many miles of towing in addition to the 45000?
  5. DirecLink Delphi to Maxbrake Delphi match up

    Call direct link. They seem to be real hands on. I think you can plug into the existing plug but I would call to verify.
  6. I agree with wranglermatt. It takes me 30 minutes to fill my 100 gallon New Horizons. My previous RV'S had a simple 3 way brass ball valve. I added a cameo valve at the pump to antifreeze. worked perfect. Everytime I turn the valve on the anderson I worry it this is going to be the time.
  7. Tow vehicle

    Chuck I have gone the route you are on. Go to the HDT forum on this site. Down from the top some is a thread called HDT pursuit that I wrote my different pullers and fifth's. It will give you my take on the subject. I got lucky to find the Volvo I got but there are less $ rigs that come available. All I can say is I would never go back to anything else other than possibly a truck conversion RV like Renegade and others. Like one person said "it is better to have too much truck and not need it than than not have enough truck and need it"
  8. HDT pursuit

    Paul I can tell you my experience. I had a 2000 ford PSD 7.3 F350 single wheel pulling 13000 pound fifth. It pulled unless there where hills then take overdrive off and go 50 MPH. Then I got a MDT Frelghtliner 2-106 300 HP Cat with eaton ultrashift transmission. Better brakes, fuel mileage down to 8.5 MPG but horrible rough ride. Sold it and got 2017 Volvo 630 and 2017 New Horizons fifth weighing 19000 pounds. Way quieter than my Ford diesel, WAY better ride and 9 MPG pulling a more heavy rid. You decide. Good luck!
  9. Wording on the title

    Jon Go on the Nebraska DMV web site. You will find very specific wording on how to title a truck to a motorhome. Before I titled I went to the courthouse, explained to the lady what I wanted to do and she printed me off the exact info I got off the DMV web site. Then I returned and everything went smooth as silk. I took the paperwork they gave me just in case I got someone that did not understand the rules. Good luck!!
  10. Air ride hitch

    I have an ET hitch. Mounts between frame rails. If you want to see one I am in Hastings,ne. Do some research before you buy. I haven't bought yet but some on the forum like the direct link brake controller as.
  11. Modifying a Plumbing System

  12. MDT VS Dodge 3500 DRW

    Should not talk price! Have you checked the price on a new Ford f350 DRW lately? Some of us just want to come home safe when someone pulls out in front of us.
  13. Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Nice truck. You will love it. I got a 30000 mile 2014 in 2016. That's right Thirty thousand miles. Question: I have the same front bumper which is fairly rare but my bumper is missing the rubber air dam on the bottom of the bumper that is on this new truck. Anyone have a clue why mine is gone?
  14. Propane Regulator Adjustment

    I have used propane in vehicles, tractors two homes and many rv's over the last 35 years. I have only replaced one regulator in that time and it was due to putting of a odor not bad pressure. The RVDOCTOR suggest checking pressure annually which is just generating business. The propane industry is very over cautious. If they thought this should be done it would be mandatory without a doubt. One last thing DO NOT let your propane supplier know you are playing with regulator pressure or he will go crazy. Good luck!
  15. Ordering 5er thru dealer

    I think it should be mentioned that the 30% thing only works with no trade and possibly cash deal. If you have a trade they will work it into the price making you think they are giving you more for your trade. Sounds elementary I know but I can't believe how many people fall for the salesmans BS.