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  1. Dan Johnson

    Lesson learned today.

    Is this F-150 only or F-250 and F-350 also?
  2. Dan Johnson

    DPF Cleaning Results

    You guys are amazing. SORRY I asked for advice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Dan Johnson

    DPF Cleaning Results

    I was looking for information NOT an additude! Sorry I have a newer than 2010 truck!
  4. Dan Johnson

    DPF Cleaning Results

    I am confused! I have a 2014 D-13. Bobtailed 2500 miles, pulled 20000# for 3000 miles and never seen a regen light. Does my truck have a renen function or does it do automatically? It seems to use about 2% DEF fluid per gallon diesel. Talked to the Volvo people but did not get much help.
  5. Dan Johnson

    Why convert to single axle?

    If you like vintage and the truck is done right I would be all over it. I was going done I-80 and an old restored Peterbilt pulling a large horse trailer passed me going 80MPH. The sound it made and the smoke coming out was WAY too cool. GET IT!
  6. Dan Johnson

    Ash Borer and CGs

    I live in Nebraska where we are watching for pine beetles from the west and ash borer from the east. You are supposed to burn it where you buy it. However the wood it cut and packaged in Colorado and Nebraska forestry dept says they have no laws to prevent importing fire wood. Our VERY INTELLIGENT government at work!
  7. Dan Johnson

    Fuel economy vs HP

    A dually on steroids. I told a guy the other day to go pull a larger trailer with a 3500 or 4500 then pull it with a HDT. Fuel economy is pretty much the same BUT the ride and braking is WAY better. Test drive before making judgement on HDT.
  8. Dan Johnson

    RAm 4500 DRW Question

    You should find someone with a large fifthwheel, then find someone with a ram 4500 and a HDT. Take both out for a pull and see if the ram is adequate. Remember the ram salesman and especially New Horizons is not going to tell you that the ram isn't enough truck.
  9. Dan Johnson

    Old school generator question

    Do you have a clamp on amp meter like a fluke? Your generator should be charging the batteries at 2-4 amps depending on the generator. Go to smokestack.com under the Onan forum and ask your question. Be sure to state model and serial number. Real smart guys with lots of knowledge will help you.
  10. Dan Johnson

    Hwy 2 thru Nebraska

    Either route is beautiful country. If taking HWY 2 cut off at Ansley and take 92 into Omaha. Way less traffic than I80 into Omaha.
  11. Dan Johnson

    Freightliner Toterhomes

    COOL!!!!! Looks like not at 13'3" high but lower. Lower center of gravity and with lower ceilings it will heat in winter way better. Nice
  12. Dan Johnson

    Okay, who wrote this blog??

    All sounds good in theory but when someone pulls in front of you, you don't have the luxury of just going slow and gearing down. That is what gets me about all the truck specs.
  13. Dan Johnson

    Carefree Awning Multiple Seam Failures

    Find a canvas repair shop. Maybe call a truck trailer shop who might know the local guy who makes truck covers. Makes me mad that NH or the maker won't confess of poor quality.
  14. Dan Johnson

    Ram 5500

    I like "No replacement for Displacement". You can boost HP but most transmissions were not designed for the higher power.
  15. Dan Johnson

    Carefree Awning Multiple Seam Failures

    You should post on the IRV2 New Horizons forum as some of us don't do the facebook thing. This should be brought forward as 2 years IS NOT acceptable!!!!!!