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  2. Thanks for responding mptjelgin. I’ve been urged by other SKPs to try the forum for help. I’m surprised at such a prompt response Thank you I’m going to recheck those things, since you asked specifically, and report back. Assuming it’s a prime problem, what’s the procedure for reestablishing that pressure? Thanks, Larry
  3. Av8r3400

    Last ECR Update

    Picking up the Arctic Fox this afternoon from an oil and grease job and taking her over for a new set of tires tomorrow in preparation for the trip! Planing to roll out bright and early next Friday...
  4. FL-JOE


    I'm not sure I understand this statement. Exterior valve stem mounted TPMS sensors will send a signal providing the psi and ambient temperature from each tire to the monitor. While it is true that tires in direct sunlight on one side of an RV may read slightly higher than tires on the shady side, they certainly are not limiting the ability of the sensor to detect temperatures accurately. Surely you are not talking about tires on dual wheel applications. Sensors for both of those side-by-side tires would be mounted/visible on the outside rim.
  5. Back in Grande Prairie, settling into the harness for another summer of work.
  6. Sometimes the water pump will lose it's prime and the result is that it runs constantly without actually pumping anything. If you turn the switch on and open a faucet (without being hooked up to "city water") do you get any water out of that faucet? That is, does the water pump actually pump water when you need it? And are you certain that you've got water in your fresh water tank to actually pump?
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  8. First time to ask a Question: I have a water pump that seems to be constantly running. It used to respond normally: open a faucet, water pumped and you could hear the pump begin and then stop as it returns pressure to the tank. Now, I hear a constant low motor noise that ceases when pump switch is turned off. Common sense and my training tell me that water is going somewhere if the pump is running. BUT I CAN’T FIND A LEAK, or water damage anywhere. Any recommendations as to a reputable service center in San Diego Area? I’ve had a few deeply disappointing encounters with places that don’t seem to have qualified technicians able to do simple things requiring many returns to the shop, lost time and money and very poor results. South Coast RV and Camping World being the standouts for a “lowlights reel.”
  9. We got the three-layer foam mattress below at Amazon in a short queen. Now we're sleeping better in the RV than at home and thinking about replacing the single-layer mattress at home. https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BW7H5ZW/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  10. We mostly try to avoid RV parks, but we have desires to go to a few places where there simply is no boondocking, such as a recent visit to San Diego. We had two different neighbors come and go. Both parked the wrong way. Meaning facing into the space. This meant they were traipsing out into our area. One complained that a friend's smoking was offensive. Well, we are outdoors, and you could have parked with another 10' of space and your rig separating us. How common is this? Do you ever tell people, "Hey, turn it around?" Tell the camp hosts? I hated it, my wife hated it, and our dogs hated it because one had a yappy aggressive dog.
  11. We have never left anything behind. When we have neglected to have a bag (hey, I thought YOU had them), one of us stays behind and waits for the other to get a bag. It's just not that much effort. We also clean up after others if we notice it. What I'm really sick of is the rampact dog racism in parks, which make our AmStaff unwelcome in half of the parks. He loves everyone and everything, but he's considered vicious and not allowed. Idiots. Meanwhile he was attacked by an off leash Corgi in another park, and the host's answer was, "Well I didn't see it happen." (Also our dog's reaction was "whatever" because that's his demeanor.) Both of the things above are a big part of why we try to avoid RV parks.
  12. Yes, we are just outside of Nashville. I'll PM you my number. Appreciate it.
  13. I put my diesel tank in a cement block building with a camoflauged access door. No electricity to that building either. Minor inconvenience to run an extension cord when I needed fuel. As to the comment about fairings around the tank, a thief could easily drill a 3/4" hole next to the fill port and drop in a suction line. A sticker next to the fill port saying "SMILE" might do more than a locking cap......😁
  14. See my response in another thread.....
  15. I already have two plugs, so I gotcha covered. I'll meet up with ya somewhere....... After ECR, we'rte going to Parkers Crossroads RV between Nashville and Memphis. We'll be there nearly a week, and exploring the Natchez Trace. Will you be on our path? After that, we'll head home (west side Cincinnati) for a while.
  16. If everything checks out and I was in the market, I'd jump on it. Good price! https://www.nadaguides.com/RVs/2016/Excursion/M-35E-340hp/6550633/Values
  17. We went to Yosemite last June. I also had issues with trying to book a site. Sometime in May, they usually open up a couple sites that have been held back due to potential flood problems. You can call the park to find out when they think they will release those sites. Also check back often as people do cancel. There is also youtube videos showing the actual sites. Those were helpful when I was trying to determine which sites we would fit it.
  18. After Randy A's near miss experience, I should think so. Also getting out of the front bunk area by pushing out a window and trying to fit our older non bending bodies thru would not be easy. Most are larger than we were in our 20's. Also it is unnerving climbing out backwards and not having something to solidly plant out feet on. In the dark, during a fire, when your scared out of your wits. Used properly a smaller fire extinguisher can do a job. We only used Halon (in that era) Halon bombs yrs ago and CO2 in an area where the gas could be confined, like a boat engine room. Other than that it would dissipate too quickly. Add to your topic list proper pre and post trip checks. Look how many problems people find or experience that a pre trip would identify at the symptom stage. But hey...deleted.
  19. For $65 a month you can get an unlimited prepaid Verizon hotspot plan - https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/guides/verizon-pudp-prepaid-unlimited-jetpack-data-plan/ . This is what I am using right now.
  20. You might be fighting a loosing battle.... in some earlier year models “gages” and other “accessories” have PTC fittings that do not have removable “brass collets”. This type of PTC cannot be rebuilt.
  21. The first two links take you to the following products: TRC 50A Hardwire - Model 40350RVC1 Hardwire Automatic Transfer Switch (page 6) TRC Surge Gard Plus Automatic Transfer Switch 50 AMP 41260-001-012 (page 1) Model 40350RVC1 (page 6) is pricey but appears to provide have significantly more protection.
  22. Very few RVs for part-time users get stored inside and even fewer in a place that is heated so eliminates the need for winterizing. With any used RV the key is to make sure that everything works and is in good condition. I would pay for a professional inspection and especially for the chassis as those are the parts that would cost most if they should fail. If by two years of transferable warranty, you mean that it has an extended warranty, that would make a difference but only after I read it completely to be sure that all major items are covered and that they method of payment for needed repairs is uncomplicated for the service shop.
  23. Your first two links didn't lead to anything specific, so are you asking if you should use the combo unit from TRC or the one from Progressive? I have used the TRC Suge Guard portable for many years and not worried about the onboard generator output for years, but one of the combo units in place of the ATS would be somewhat better protection. As to which brand is better, they both do the job that they claim to do. If you are up to doing repairs to your device yourself, then I give the edge to Progressive (slightly) because they will sell the end user parts where TRC does not.
  24. Yes the air lines were removed as the cluster was on the bench. The collet freely turns and my flavor of slick'um was applied.
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