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  1. Using the plug I ordered, I don't even need to splice any wires, just crimp the wires in two terminals. I'll solder them as well though. At about 600ma max, I don't think the draw will have much of an impact. I do realize every milliamp counts with solar/battery power of course.
  2. Yep, that's the one I bought on Amazon for $3 more. My 90 deg OBD2 female plug came from eBay for $2.15 delivered. The USB cord from Amazon was delivered a lot quicker than the one from China though. I'm still waiting on the plug to arrive. But then I don't have the Mobley in hand yet either, so it really doesn't matter. I'll have our mail forwarder send it all together once we settle someplace long enough to be sure of getting it. Female OBD2 connector LANMU 1M USB DC 5V To DC 12V
  3. The bladder tank I helped install at new neighbor's cabin near our lakeside cottage last summer was included with the chlorine injection system. The instructions called for the tank to be installed after the injector pump.
  4. Ummm, we rarely winterize because we live in the motorhome nearly year round?
  5. The parts for my USB adapter for the Mobley were $8.14 using the same $6 LANMU USB 5/12 volt adapter the eBay seller of the $40 one uses. I used a different female ODB2 plug from eBay so I could wire the cord direct to the plug without the need for splicing wires, plus I wanted a 90 deg connector for compactness. I like the USB cable because it can be used with 12-volt and 120-volt adapters, plus USB battery packs as the power source as needed.
  6. The bladder tank doesn't need to drive all of the water out, just enough so that any small amount left doesn't cause any damage as it freezes and expands. I do suggest closing the valve to keep the pink stuff out of the tank though. It can be tough to get it all rinsed out in the spring. I rarely winterize any more, but when I do, I use the blow out method with pink stuff only used in the drain traps.
  7. Happy to help!
  8. After you log in on the main site, click the down arrow next to your name and select the "Membership Directory" from the drop down menu.
  9. In reading some of the problems others have had in getting the $20 unlimited plan set up, I think I may have been fortunate in getting an inexperienced CSR when the busy Connected Car line switched me over. She at least knew what she didn't know and asked for help right away. Once she got an experienced Connected Car rep involved, the process went quickly and accurately. The minor delay waiting was well worth it apparently...
  10. You'll be able to see if they got it right on your online account, Smitty. It'll still show the default iPhone 7s as the device, but that should change once you actually go online with the Mobley. Mine shows "unlimited" for the plan, and the $20 monthly fee in the details now.
  11. Yep, "been there, done that"... Including the blood!
  12. From a technical standpoint, it should work, albeit without the phone service. I don't know what the SIM size difference might be, but an adapter would deal with that if the Mobley SIM is smaller than the Homebase SIM.
  13. That probably falls in the same category as the folks that are using the Mobley SIM in a standalone hotspot such as the Unite. It's unknown at this point just how actively AT&T will enforce only using the $20 plan with the intended device. I have seen one report of someone being notified that the SIM was in the wrong device and their account was being terminated. I don't know all of the circumstances involved in that case though.
  14. That depends, I suppose. I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night for a bathroom break and then browse for a few minutes on my smart phone using a WiFi connection until I'm drowsy enough to go back to sleep. A $5 lamp timer that will power cycle the Mobley at some point during the night seems like a pretty simple solution to me. Our AT&T Homebase is online 24/7, so I don't see any reason not to have the Mobley on 23.9/7 as well.
  15. Smitty, when the Mobley is on the way or in hand, make sure when you call in to make the change you refer to it as the Connected Car $20 unlimited plan, not the "22GB" plan. That only confuses them...