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  1. The Solo Node is only connected to two of the three LNB ports. Connect the 211Z to the unused LNB port.
  2. Dish uses two sets of satellites, with one set located closer to the east coast, and the other towards the west coast. The east coast satellites are located at 61.5, 72.7, and 77 degrees, while the western arc satellites are at 110, 119, and 129 degrees. The Tailgater and most other dome antennas are only capable of "seeing" the three western arc satellites. The Pathway X2, however, is capable of receiving both arcs, which greatly improves your aiming opportunities on treed sites, as well as allowing you to receive the eastern arc only local stations in some areas. All other programming is available on both arcs.
  3. Firefox worked fine for me as well, Bill, but I have read reports of some folks having a problem seeing the updated setting. As I said, it might be as simple as a cached page issue.
  4. Try a different browser to access the Mobley settings. Some folks have reported an issue where Firefox in particular did not see the new never shut down setting. IE and Chrome seem to be ok though. It might just be a cache issue though, so try clearing it and trying again.
  5. Here's one example of a rotating flange from Home Depot: 4 in. x 3 in. PVC DWV Adjustable Metal Ring Closet Flange
  6. Yep, obviously the setup in the photo was a short reach to the sewer port, but the full 8' of hose was available as needed. Try this site for posting photos. Just follow the directions and paste the resulting link in your post.
  7. Coachmen included a similar setup on our previous coach.
  8. What features of YourBestAddress make it a better choice than MyDakotaAddress, Americas-Mailbox, DakotaPost, etc.?
  9. I'm happy to see you got your Mobley set up, Roamer! Mine has been working well, although I did run into the signal disconnect issue after 24-36 hours that some others have reported. Since I've decided to leave the Mobley at our upstate NY cottage to replace our cable Internet, I built a dedicated 120-volt power supply for it using on hand spare parts instead of using my $5 USB adapter. I have it plugged into a cheap lamp timer that power cycles the Mobley at 3:30AM each morning. Three days now, and no disconnects. We'll continue to use our AT&T 250GB/mo Homebase in the motorhome.
  10. I was pleasantly surprised last week when our Progressive renewal showed up. This is the second time in 5 years with them that our motorhome premium has gone down. The first time it was only $9, but this time it's $53. No claims so far, so I don't know how that would effect things.
  11. I used "Super Grips" to hold down our 211K and currently our Hopper. I also used them to hold the EHD in place on the back wall of the cabinet.
  12. Try using this site for photo posting. Just follow the directions and paste the resulting link into your post.
  13. When looking around a park, you can usually narrow the fulltimer field down pretty well by looking for FL, SD, or TX plates. Unless of course the park is in one of those states. Those three are the most common "homes" (domicile states) for fulltimers.
  14. Like Jack, our primary Internet source is currently our AT&T 250GB/mo Homebase. I've just added the $20/mo unlimited Mobley plan as well, and now I'm testing to see which one we want to keep in the motorhome and which one to leave at our NY cottage to replace the current Spectrum cable service there. I'm leaning towards leaving the Mobley there, since the Homebase seems to have a better WiFi range and a better cell antenna that should pick up weaker signals better. With our Max Amp on board, that's probably not that much of an issue, but there may be times we want to use the Homebase as a portable device for a few hours away from the motorhome. On the Verizon side, I'm dropping the $100/mo 20GB data plan for our 6620L Jetpack, but I'll keep the gray market $5/mo 3G only plan active on our 4620LE as a backup in case we find ourselves in a Verizon only area sometime. Our cell phones are using Verizon via Tracfone as well.