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  1. How quick you get the Mobley when ordering online appears to be a function of the current stock level. Back in March, I ordered mine on a Friday and it arrived the following Monday. The only problem was that they would only ship it to my upstate NY billing address at my mail forwarders. That added a couple of more days to get it to me in Florida where we were at the time.
  2. Another vote for Ookla's Speedtest.net. Lately I've been using their new beta site that doesn't require Flash: beta.speedtest.net
  3. Yep, the only time our pump is on when connected to city water is in low park water pressure situations as well, and even then usually only for showers.
  4. AT&T reps have said yes, we will be grandfathered in to the unlimited plan. Although I suppose the usual "Prices subject to change." could apply. I think the fact that they're offering the Mobley plan with a 2-year contract bodes well for us, that they won't be dropping it completely anytime soon.
  5. A drop in the proverbial bucket compared to the 4,400 LEO sats Elon Musk wants to launch...
  6. When strong winds are predicted, I toss a light rope over the topper the long way, and secure the ends under the slide with a bungee cord to keep the topper from flapping. It's simple, effective, and only takes a minute or two to put in place. I use a rope I cut to length and tied loops on the ends just for that purpose, so it's always ready to install.
  7. And the race is on! I'm looking forward to seeing LEO Internet in action. If the pricing is competitive with cell data service for RV'ers, than this will be a real boost to our connectivity on the road...
  8. He's right of course, parallel switch setups do exist, although I'd expect better than that in a Newmar.
  9. With a multiple switch setup, it may be the pump controller is starting to fail...
  10. I haven't compared them directly, but the Onan branded fuel pump may even be made by Airtex. On our previous coach the fuel pump on our Onan Marquis 7KW generator died, and I found a Carter part number under the Onan paint on the housing. With that number, I was able to find an exact replacement Carter pump an Amazon at about a third of the Onan price. The only differences in them were the paint color, the printing on the box, and the Carter came with mounting hardware that wasn't needed for a replacement application. And the lower cost of course...
  11. We were fortunate at the time that our Upstate NY mail forwarder/billing address happened to be in one of areas eligible for the rural plan. The only issue I ran into while signing up by phone was that they would only ship the Homebase to our billing address, not to the RV park where we were in Florida at the time. That just added a few days delay and the small expense of having our mail forwarder send it on to us. The Homebase served us well for while traveling for several months until our Mobley took over as our primary Internet source on the road. But the Homebase and $60/mo phone and 250Gb plan continue to serve us, mostly being left in service at our NY cottage as a replacement for our previous unreliable and more expensive cable phone and Internet service.
  12. We're currently set up about 4 miles from the nearest AT&T cell tower. Our Mobley is installed on a shelf above the passenger side front window of our coach. Our signal strength is averaging -97dB to -101dB, and I have our Max Amp RV booster turned off.
  13. The AT&T Homebase phone and data rural plan is only available in certain areas. Only billing addresses in certain areas of Missouri, Kansas, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Western PA, and Upstate New York are eligible. If you happen to have your billing address in one of the eligible areas, they offer a 250GB 4G/LTE data plan for $60/month, and a 500GB 4G/LTE plan for $100/month, both with unlimited VOIP home phone service using standard landline phones. The ZTE Homebase device is $199 outright, or free with a 2-year contract. Outside of your home area, the service is always subject to deprioritization, but in practice that apparently seldom happens. I know we've never noticed it when using our Homebase on the road. Outside of the limited eligible rural areas, the Homebase is available at the same two price points, but with only 25GB and 50GB. Calling AT&T is the only way I know of to get the larger GB plans, but it may also be available at AT&T stores in those areas. The original thread is here:
  14. Search Amazon and eBay for "mobley power supply". Do not pay more than $30 for one. If you're willing to connect two wires to two pins, search eBay for "USB 5 volt to 12 volt adapter", and "female OBD2 connector". Or just get the female OBD2 connector and use a spare 12 volt charger you may already have on hand.
  15. Lou, the announced expiration for the $20 Mobley plan was July 17th as I recall. Whether that's still the plan or not is something we'll have to wait and see. I do agree though, that AT&T has handled the Mobley unlimited plan demand much better than Verizon handled the FMCA plan, and the Omnilynx plan before it.