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  1. Thanks for the referral to Reddit. You are right there are many parties there. I easily found a party. Bob
  2. I have acquired a Visible phone and data account and would like to join a party. My email is bob (at) clarkesonline (dot) us
  3. This is my first post on this forum. The 14inch trailer tire problem is one I have researched thoroughly. I purchased a 7 year old travel trailer that had the original 14 inch tires. I will not run any trailer tire more than 5 years old. I replaced the tires immediately before towing the trailer anywhere. Of those 4 new Chinese tires, 3 failed within 2 years. All the tires I looked at that were not made in China do not have the load capacity needed. In my research I finally found 2 tire brands not made in China that will carry the load. As mentioned above the Kumho 857 is one and the other is a Hankook RA08. These are 8 ply (load range d) 65psi tires that will likely require new wheels since most 14 inch wheels are only rated for 50psi. These tires also have a 99mph speed rating. At least I feel that I am now towing safely. http://www.discounttiredirect.com/direct/tires/hankook/product/byName.do?tmn=RA08&typ=Truck%2FSUV http://www.kumhotireusa.com/tire/category/truck-suv/7EAB87AD-62DC-4D82-897E-E59335DE416C I couldn't find the Kumho tires in Northern Nevada. Discount tires did order them and install them for me. I found the higher capacity wheels at www.etrailer.com.
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