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  1. Originally chilled air/air conditioning was a byproduct of the invention of a dehumidifier. Mr. Carrier was the first to realize the commercial use of chilled air. My point is, when the outside air is at that low level of humidity there is little moisture to remove when chilling the air to condense moisture. Many people who live in the desert do not have an air conditioner, they use what is called a swamp cooler to both cool the air and add a bit of humidity for more comfortable living.
  2. Welcome to the forums! Not a bad thing to happen, it may actually help clean grease and residue from the tank. It may help to run a gallon of water in that drain to flush the soap from the "P" trap. Leave the soap in the tank until it's nearly full before draining the tank to realize the greatest benefit.
  3. It sure doesn't work in old CG's where the "electrician" tapped into the 30A receptacle to wire the 15A receptacle either. You only discover that after-the-fact.
  4. Mine measured 47" when unconnected, on level pavement with 5er leveled. After I put 2" blocks between axles and springs and different tires it measured 50", which put my rig level when attached to my Chevy K3500 4x4 dually, and 6" clearance pin box to bed-rails.
  5. I agree, buy tickets for the enclosed cars. Some folks bought tickets for the flatcars and nearly froze enroute to Silverton, They were crowding into the enclosed cars attempting to warm up; they must have upgraded their tickets at Silverton, because the flatcars were empty on the return to Durango. That was in July '05 Almost forgot; if DW like jewelry, stop in the Astorite store. It's the only place in the world it's mined. Named after the famous Astor family.
  6. This chart may be helpful when learning what appliances you may operate.
  7. You own no loyalty to any insurance company, as well-stated, shop around. In my case, I had Good Sam MH insurance, premium was around $900/yr. Got an email from Winnebago RV insurance, called Farm and City agency in IA, went with them for $481/yr., but they do not cover awnings. That was no issue for 18 yr. old awnings, they are due for replacement anyway, and the depreciation would have reduced their worth so much I wouldn't have received anything after deductible was subtracted.
  8. My acc tank is factory OEM. It has only one pipe connection, which connects to a Tee in the cold water line, with a 1/4 turn ball valve between Tee and tank. Winterization is quite easy, when the system is drained, close the ball-valve then continue with winterization. NO antifreeze gets in the tank this way. Pre-pressurization psi is critical for proper pump operation (your specific pump's high/low cutouts) Our pump is hard to hear anyway, but it seldom runs during the nightly visits to the throne room, thanks to the acc tank. Speaking to the comment about having an acc tank to "help" the water heater, I just installed a residential water heater here at home. The instructions recommend an acc tank to prevent the overtemp/pressure relief valve from weeping. Yes these tanks must be installed as designed,
  9. Most "cheap" wireless back-up systems operate at 2.4Ghz, expect a lot of interference, it's busy frequency. I too bought a cheapie off Amazon ($40), it worked well when my pickup was inside my metal MH garage, but when I backed outside it would stop working. I scratched my head for a few days until I realized the problem. I then bought a digital wireless (Peak), which has operated flawlessly for 2 months now. ($125 @ Pep-boys). It's worth checking out for your application.
  10. It really is easy to program the TST 507 after you do a dry-run(you may change things afterward). There are two different methods for programming, a manual entry method for sensor ID numbers, and an automatic method where you install them one at a time while holding the monitor next to the sensor (you must place the remaining sensors more than xx ft. away from the one being programmed).
  11. Ya, know what's funny about this. I have a 1999 Norcold 1200LRIM, my serial# is not included in this action, according to the website.
  12. I emailed him again and he said he used a feature of Google maps, but it was discontinued a few years ago. I was wrong about him stopping using it because of security and privacy reasons, sorry. He said Google maps used to have a feature that tracked you every time you started your computer. That sounds something like my cell-phone now.
  13. My browser is set to reject pop-ups, never see that one
  14. The TST 507 installation is quite easy once you digest the instructions. I re-read the instructions several times, and even practiced dry-runs, before they made sense, after that installation was easy. I first bought the 510 system for our 5er only. When we bought the MH I purchased the 507 flow-thru system.