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  1. RV guide to the 2017 total eclipse has a partial state/area listing of campgrounds in the path of the eclipse. We will be near Clarksville TN. Viewing safety glasses are required, or #14 tint welding glass. Viewing glasses are available free from 2017solar.com This state-by-state listing may help locate a spot for ideal viewing.
  2. If this amateur calculated correctly, you have a 6% drop in voltage at the end of the 100', 14AWG extension cord, the maximum recommended is 3%; this does not consider your 30A trailer cord in calculations, or wiring in your RV. I suspect enough heat is generated somewhere to cause a faulty connection. A 10AWG extension cord will bring you up into the safe voltage drop area, less than 3% drop. Couple that with the fact GFCI receptacles wear out over time, even the high-priced ones, and you may have multiple factors causing it to trip.
  3. This DOT tire code webpage is only useful when you actually view the tire, but it shows where virtually all tires are made. http://www.tiresafetygroup.com/tire-dot-plant-codes-sorted-plant-code/
  4. Can you post a screen-shot of the notification? Mine has a small menu box where it says "always receive notifications", to the right of that verbage is a selection box you click, when you do it also shows "never receive notifications". When you click that verbage the pop-up box goes away. It reappeared 3X on my browser and each time I selected "no notifications" until the pop-up finally stopped.
  5. Exactly! I once put sealer in the radiator of an old tractor, trying to get another year out of it before selling and buying a new tractor. The sealer plugged the radiator so much it caused overheating. Sold that old tractor to a guy who just stopped by(driving a 2T truck) looking for a cheap tractor, he got one. The only sealer i will ever use in the future(not in RV engine) is "Liquid Glass"; it's complicated to use but works for its intended purpose.
  6. I can also foresee it withstanding a weed-whacker used by the kid hired for that job. I'm still on the fence about buying one.
  7. CW must have changed something since you posted that link. I get a "SKU not found". I found it on Amazon, with review by users. Apparently it can be crushed, which is permanent, according to one review, another says it can be frozen without harm. I haven't found anything explaining what is material the inner liner, which is the waterproof part, the SST exterior is simply a spiral covering.
  8. I have some thoughts, might not be the solution but can't harm anything to try. First have your propane gas pressure checked, should be 11" water column per the manual. Next disassemble the burner, clean everything-including the chimney. A tiny fleck of rust falling out of the chimney can cause burner problems. A diagram of the chimney and the spiral "thing" inside is in the service manual. The gas orifice is very small and can clog easily, but do not use anything hard like a drill bit or tip cleaner, they can damage or enlarge the opening, the wire out of a cheap twist-tie is what I use. Once you have everything back together, check, and adjust if necessary, the burner flame as explained in the service manual.
  9. All EPDM membranes for RV roofs I have seen are black with a white coating. Industrial EPDM roof membranes I have seen are just black. You might email pictures to your roof membrane mfgr and see what they have to say, that is not normal IMO.
  10. Yup! Try changing the valve position several times a day, if it doesn't help you didn't lose anything but a small amount of energy if it does you saved money.
  11. Fears are valid to the person; about the only thing that makes my blood boil immediately is seeing someone make fun of another that has a fear of something.
  12. Next time you wash your RV, add a few oz bleach to your 5G bucket of soapy water. The after-effect is just short of amazing, it removes mold/mildew from everything you wash with the solution. Remember to rinse thoroughly, many older awning are sewed with cotton thread, prolonged exposure to bleach can damage the thread. afterthought; DO NOT use Westleys bleach-wite whitewall tire cleaner to clean plastic! I did once, it etched the plastic where it was sun-worn into a grainy surface, which got dirtier much-much faster. Sure it made yellowed plastic white again-but____.
  13. The engine is pulling(in front) going to Silverton, in back of the train going to Durango. The valley side is on either side at some point, the river view is on the right enroute to Silverton. I attempted to upload a picture but file size is limited to 102.4kb here.
  14. Glad to see you created a new topic forum. I posted this in Stan's ongoing thread about Phoenix, but it is a better in a new topic. Wonder if VA just moved that guy around like they did other managers in trouble?