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  1. DR. said it can take up to 8 months to fully recover from a Brown Recluse bite. Look it up on the net if you don't have a queasy stomach.Thankfully mine must've been a small spider. I sprayed my RV garage best I could; found a dead one 2" in dia. Back to ridding the RV of spiders. Pest control companies have a residual pesticide to eliminate spiders and kill their eggs so you don't get re-infested.
  2. I stay at PFJ once in a while, I park in the RV section in front for the reason stated, trucker drivers mandated driving hours. It's becoming common to see a semi parked at the side of an on/off ramp, I suspect overflowing truck stops and rest areas may be a reason. DW and I taught ourselves to sleep with a battery-powered sound machine running a long time ago. I remember one time we parked at a Walmart, awoke to discover several semi's all around our 5er, most with refers running. We never heard an outside sound and had a good nights sleep.
  3. Would that include connecting the RM 7730 via internet to their servers for automatic updates?
  4. Bingo! I was waiting for that, it's also in the service manual of both mfgrs. If one calculates those degrees into inches per foot of RV, it would be quite difficult to live that much out of level.
  5. Cummins states to only start their engine if you can drive the vehicle until reaching to normal operating temperature for at least 20 minutes. They further state; an engine at low idle will never reach normal operating temperature, and in fact will slightly cool when idled after driving. That is in my Cummins ISC owners manual.
  6. Would that include the Brown Recluse that bit me? That happened 2 months ago and my leg is still swollen and dark brown at site of bite-no antidote for venom.
  7. Shoot, it would have been much cheaper to invite a burglar to break-in. I doubt the damage could have been worse. Sorry to read about your trials and tribulations. Look at the glass half-full, you've gotten those issues(except door) behind you now.
  8. How to disinfect drinking water also has the concentration of chlorine(5 ppm) for storage. FWIW, long ago I was assigned to a team of workers dismantling cold war era bomb shelters on a college campus. The chemist tested the barrels of drinking water before we dumped the water in the sewer. Every barrel of water tested safe for drinking. I use the powdered chlorine formula, it's much easier to carry a small water-tight bottle in the RV than liquid bleach; just follow the extra precautions on the original container of Sodium Dichloro-s-Triazinetricone or Sodium Dichlor for short.
  9. Four of the eleven models do not have a listing for a 5er or gooseneck; nor does my owners manual.
  10. Unfortunately, a U.S. law enforcement agency cannot prevent a crime from occurring, they can-by law, only react after a crime is committed. The popular slogan on many police cars, "to protect and serve" is somewhat misleading, they can only protect you from a crime in progress. Getting back on topic; the decision to arm oneself is a serious matter, not to be taken lightly. I do agree with one talking point, not everyone should be allowed to carry a firearm; witness the recent mass shootings, and after-the-fact information about the shooter. Even the TSA can only enforce regulations that reduce the odds of a crime, not prevent a crime.
  11. Ya, I didn't explain that. Every pickup truck I've looked at over all the years we towed 5ers, listed different GCWR/ tow capacities for trailers and 5ers. My manual lists a max. weight for a trailer my truck is rated to pull, but doesn't mention a 5er. Therefore it's logical, GM doesn't rate a 1/2T Silverado for towing a 5er. The 5er may actually weight the same as the trailer, BUT, the added wind resistance of a high-profile 5er makes the difference. Most 5ers would make a 1/2T pickup look like that picture in a previous post.
  12. Ya, I watched Paul Ryan on TV last week, I was flabbergasted when he said he just learned about VA problems. How could anyone not know? It's been in the news for some years now.
  13. I suspect the chimney, LP burner, and orifice needs cleaning. Jot down the make and model of your frig, then go to BryantRV.com , where you may download a free copy of the service manual for your frig. It will tell you how to disassemble and clean/service the heat sources.
  14. I would add the proper dosage of SeaFoam to the fuel tank after changing the genset fuel filter. It's a bit expensive to dose a 100G fuel tank, but it works very well in both gas and diesel fuel. I have a ZTR mower that would not run at all except at full-throttle, I added a small bottle of SeaFoam to the gas tank and by the time the tank was empty again the Honda engine ran smoothly again. The lowest prices I've found is at a Rural King farm store, $6.89.
  15. Nothing negative with being a noob, everyone was at one time.