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  1. X2
  2. Now you've gone and done it.
  3. I thought that as well so after the first shut down I filled the crankcase to the upper limit. ???
  4. A possibility I suppose but today is just as hot as this past Friday, when it shut down.
  5. This is a gasoline fired unit with less than 100 hrs. On two occasions we have left home with the genny on and running the two A/C units. With 90+ degree temps, I wanted to have a cool camper for my DW and I and the two dogs once we arrived at our campground. On both occasions, the genset has shut down prior to our arrival at the CG. When I check for faults, none are present as I believe the fault indicator may have timed out. Today, I've had the generator running for about 5 hours with both A/C units running as I do work inside the camper. It has continued to run without any miscues, just like it always does when we're stationary. On both trips, I've filled the fuel tank so as not to loose prime with any fuel sloshing in the tank. I'm without a good explanation for the shut downs. Thoughts? Ideas? Thanks.
  6. Watch it Dale, or you'll be banned too.
  7. And there's my warm smile for the day... Thank you Big5er.
  8. At what point does the HDT community consider going the self-insured route, or has this homework already been completed?
  9. Campground is a little run down but you can't beat the price.
  10. Good point. Or, depending upon the model truck, he's using a tap of the brake to down shift.
  11. Sir, you clearly have an agenda. I've owned just about every kind of RV over my almost 60 years of camping. When I owned a particular model AND that manufacturer had a Forum for its owners, I would spend some time there. On occasion, I've even visited rv.net. In the end, I have learned that without question, the Escapees Forum provides the most informed and unbiased information of any RV site on the Web. I can say that in unequivocal terms. I for one have never experienced the philosophy which you seem to rail against. There's something for everyone here; big and small and that's part of the attraction I have for these folks. Maybe you're just confused?
  12. I wish I could offer some good news to you. There is a dearth of what I'd consider good campgrounds in the immediate Louisville area. The closest, decent CG to the airport is south on I65 in Shepherdsville, and that's an old KOA where you'll be on top of your neighbor. However, it's clean and convenient to the airport. How far are you willing to travel?
  13. Hey Rick...I heard that this guy was shooting rabbits from his cab as well. Be careful out there!
  14. Gary...thank you for sharing a very inspirational story. All the best to you.
  15. Search for the posts by bmzero. I recall he had a few kids that factored into his hauler design.