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  1. Right here which includes this stipulation: What if I don’t have any of these documents? You can submit one document showing your new address (dated within 60 days prior to your move) and one document at your previous address dated within 12 months after your move. To submit these documents, select “Other” from the drop-down menu. Or, you can submit a letter with the date of your move, your old and new addresses, and the reason you can’t submit documents. The Marketplace will take your letter into consideration. To submit this letter, select “Letter of explanation” from the drop-down menu.
  2. To be blunt, unless you're "cash flush", you might consider waiting until you turn 65 and can get on Medicare. Here's why -- if you're considering an ACA (aka Obamacare) health plan: Monthly premiums have skyrocketed (as much as 25% in some places) You have less choice (the number of health plans have dropped + "out of state" are difficult to find. There aren't any in SD and TX) It will probably get worse (check the news). Last year I actually looked for "RVer friendly" ACA health plans in every county of every state. Under half of all the states had health plans that might offer nationwide coverage. Generally, these would be BCBS PPO plans -- my analysis. I'm trying to repeat this analysis for the current 2017 ACA plans. Though I've only looked at 5 states so far (AK, AL, AR, AZ and CA), BCBS PPO plans can be found in AK, AL, and CA. However, these aren't your typical full-time RVer domicile states. Nevertheless, if you plan on buying your own health insurance for a couple of years, I would rule our SD and TX. However, FL may still have BCBS EPO plans that have nationwide coverage. Finally, to answer your question about SD and TX health plans. These are the cheapest current ACA plans available (I figured your ages at 63) . . . POLK County, TX BCBS HMO plan: $760 (1 person) $1519 (2 people) MINNEHAHA County (Sioux Falls, SD) AVERA PPO: $818 (1 person) $1636 (2 people) Here's a great site to check for current ACA plans -- www.healthsherpa.com
  3. I use a 50A TRCI Voltage Regulator and pretty much ignore the status/fault lights. However, I will check the boost lights once on a while. Instead, I connect a Surge Guard 44270 upstream from my voltage regulator. The 44270 has better indicators. But I'll bet you're talking about Hughes' Autoformer with surge protection, right?
  4. It's for real . . . I tried it . . .It works . . . DPH42 Switch Hopper 2 Option.
  5. After re-reading this thread and your posts, the phrase caveat emptor comes to mind. However, you keep taking the advice of salesmen over the people on this forum who have actual day-to-day experience. It sounds like you may be the problem, not DISH. From what you've said, if it ain't simple, you can't deal with it. I can appreciate that, but you might be more successful and less frustrated if you just stick with OTA programming. I say this because it sounds like some of your "signal loss" problems may be caused by moving out of range of your local stations. Do you ever call DISH to change your Service Address? Finally, DISH dropped DNS (Distant Network Service) years ago. Time to move on. PBS is available on most local TV stations.
  6. Here are a couple of places where I stayed: Country Village RV Park (Ishpeming, MI) Woodland Park Campground (Grand Marais) Straits State Park (St Ignace, MI)
  7. That is the question. We use wireless temp sensors to monitor our residential fridge temps. I have a Whirlpool, not a Samsung, but noticed my fridge temps fluctuating when we stayed a month in a Gulf Coast campground. The sun would strike the RV's fridge wall most of the day. We could feel the heat inside even with the ACs on. It was even hotter in the space behind our Whirlpool. In a house, your fridge is probably either up against an insulated wall or up against an insulated wall inside a cabinet. In an RV, your fridge is probably in a sealed cabinet up against a thinly insulated wall. I installed fans to pull air in from our RV, behind our residential fridge, and then up through the roof. No more fridge temp issues.
  8. I hope you're not putting "pre-existing conditions" in the same category as "destructive lifestyle consequences" or do you think Mo Brooks is right?
  9. How old are you & your spouse? Why do I ask? I think age can make a difference.
  10. I went with a 120V unit because there were more choices . . . smaller chamber size, greater flow rates, and most important, a control module that tells you how the unit is working.
  11. Just finished a test on my WiFiRanger Core and SkyPro. Very happy with the results (full article here):
  12. You need to change your domicile thinking from "mail forwarding service" to what state (or rather what state county) offers a good health plan. While the Escapees mail service and the fact that Texas has no income tax used to be prime domicile considerations, these factors pale in comparison to heath care costs for those under 65. You'll have to ante up for your own health care for a decade. Currently, with the ACA you can use its SEP (Special Enrollment Period) to effectively RV to a better health plan. You can start looking here -- Where the PPOs Are. Keep in mind the data I collected was for the ACA's 2015/2016 plans, and a lot has changed since then. If possible, I'd seriously recommend postponing your retirement for at least a year to see how the "new" ACA shakes out. As of today, it's not looking good.
  13. I've been using Hopper 3 with a modified Winegard Travler for several months and all things considered it's working fine. Mostly. There have been a couple of issues, like the Crazy Ivan, but nothing that can't be worked around. Anyway, DISH is finally releasing the DPH42 switch which promises to make life easier for RVers who want to use a Hopper 3. Shoutout to Mark Bruss who told me that the DPH42 was finally available. Some Hopper 3 possibilities . . . Single Hopper 3 Dual Hopper 3s