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Cryptocurrency Investing? Are you in?

Kirk W

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I am not, nor do I intend to invest, in crypto.  I'm old school. putting my funds to work in more traditional assets.  I have a bit in S&P, a NASDAQ index, and farm land, which gives a modest, but consistent, return.

Oh, and motorcycles.  I bought one of them (1927 Henderson) in 2007, which has doubled in value.  Poor ROI, but I can roll it out of the garage and ride it.  That's more fun than looking at a statement.

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😁Off topic Lou but thanks for the comment.  Yep, glad that is after the August 3-1 split. $116 a share is my break even so we are up acceptably. What are you in? All stocks are down at the moment. I am holding as next year will be a banner year for Tesla if they do half of what is expected with the Cybertruck, Class 8 tractor, and the New Roadster debuts. As well the Texas and Berlin factories are ramping up successfully. As well the Model 3 and Model Y are again eligible for the Tax credits as they are made here and meet the criteria. The China Gigafactory can stay very profitable just selling to that market. The Original Fremont Gigafactory is also at full capacity.  Looking good for the future.

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Absolutely! Cryptocurrency investing can be a thrilling ride. I've been dipping my toes into it for a while, and it's been a mix of ups and downs, but definitely worth exploring if you're up for the challenge. Just remember to do your research, stay informed, and only invest what you're willing to lose. By the way, I recently came across an interesting platform called MoonBitcoins that offers some cool features for crypto enthusiasts. You might want to check out their dashboard at https://www.moonbitcoins.com/dashboard for more insights. Happy investing!

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On 5/25/2023 at 1:40 PM, kojicraps said:

Yeah, I'm into cryptocurrency investing! It's an exciting and ever-changing market. I've been dabbling in it for a while now and it's definitely worth exploring if you're open to some risks and potential gains.


 Like my one stock lots of millionaires have been made with Tesla and Crypto currencies. Keep having fun and you'll likely do well. I have and continue to do well in my investments. Post more about it here when new developments happen. Best of luck and investment plays! 👍

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