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Short bed hitches?


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I say depends on your RV.  Some have relief cuts (?) in the front/bottom specifically for clearance.  Mine are mildly rounded over/in on front/bottom so an Anderson hitch works good although there's been a few times it's made me nervous.  There's all kinds of hitches/brands made for short-beds, sliders - manual or automatic, etc.  I have not hit yet but a couple close calls a  couple times.  I also have a 60 gallon fuel tank in-bed/front of bed.  I just have wife watch when I back.  I say each truck/RV combo is different so call is yours.  I love how I can take my hitch in/out in a few minutes by myself.  Anderson does work off of a goose-neck ball in the bed.

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On 7/11/2021 at 10:37 PM, MNRon said:

We have a Pullrite Superglide, it automatically moves the trailer back from the cab while turning.  It’s automatic.  I highly recommend it. 

Plus 1 on the superglide. They are bulky but make a huge difference in any stress with turning. Mine is in a megacab Ram. Keep an eye out for used ones. I picked mine up cheap. 

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