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  1. My wife and I traveled around the country mostly in 2010 and 12 to 16 and never really worried about making too many reservations and as a result we never planned more than a couple of days out. These days I have learned the hard way that you need a reservation for every night and so have to stick to a regimented schedule being committed to staying someplace on a certain day. I have booked a trip from NH out to Yellowstone and back. Wanted to also do Grand Tetons but couldn't find a spot anywhere. As I made reservations out and back I found many campgrounds full even on weekdays and when I did get a site usually at my 2nd or 3rd choice I found that there were only a few left available. I surveyed the campgrounds and they all said that they have been absolutely slammed whether or not it was a "destination" spot. This brings me to my question for those of you have been out on long trips in the last month or so. Logistically how did you work it ( or think you would work it)if you got to an interesting place and decided you wanted to spend an extra day or two or suffered a breakdown or other mishap? Seems to me that the ripple effect to the reservations made would really be an issue since you might not find availability and in my case it could mean calling 10 or more places to change things up. Makes me think maybe I should just stick to shorter more localized trips and hope things calm down for next year. Thoughts?
  2. Hi All, I have reservations at Grizzly RV Park for June 5th. Google maps showing the most direct route being I-90. I'm hoping for a few suggestions for a few must see stops along I-90 prior to getting to South Dakota. Time is not an issue but I'm thinking of giving the entire trip six weeks or so. Custer State Park, Mt Rushmore, Grand Tetons, Little Big Horn is on my list but I'm in the planning stage for all else. Also to those of you who are out there traveling now or recently would you advise booking my campground stays in advance? I've heard that the campgrounds are very crowded these days especially weekends. We took a trip back in 2010, stayed out 6 months and never made a reservation and never planned much more than 2 days out. It was mostly the deep south and southwest. I guess things have changed? One of the conundrums I have is not being able to stop an extra day here or there if you find an interesting place because the reservations lock you in to being at a certain place on a certain day. I'm thinking of only making reservations in the busiest places like Custer S.P. Yellowstone, Niagara Falls etc and taking my chances that I'll find a spot to camp otherwise along my route. I'd like to get your thoughts on that. When we headed out in 2010 we never planned more than 2 days out and never had a problem.
  3. Hi all,Downsizing from my class A to a C and wonder which C's have a higher interior height. I'm 6'2" so would like to get something with a 78 to 80 inch or higher interior height. Does anyone know if there is there such a beast out there? If so what brands and model years should I be looking at? Wanting to buy something used maybe 2012 to 2016 model years.
  4. There is a decent article here on domicile. Might be good reading even if you have decided against Florida. Domicile article
  5. Thanks to all who replied. The problem was that I connected the cable to the LNB In terminal instead of either Terminal #1 or #2 on the other side of the LNB. I got spoiled by the Tailgator and haven't used this 500 Dish in about 3 years. I had it broken down into several pieces and all went well until I thought I remembered where that cable goes. Oh well, I just got my medicare card last month and I think it did something to my mind! All is well in geezer land now though. I guess doing something dumb will trigger an error message!!
  6. I'm trying to get my satellite receiver set up after it has been sitting a few months. I aimed the antenna and did a check switch. It is now stuck with an error message which states " Please wait while your network table is updated". Anyone know what this is? The receiver is a Dish VIP 211K and it is a Dish 500 antenna dual LNB. I was using a tailgator with it but I don't have that anymore. I have allot of experience setting this antenna up aiming etc with my VIP 722K so I think I'm good with the aiming. Not sure that the 211K is compatible with the Dish 500 antenna but I think it is since the receiver works with my old roof mounted King Dome single satellite receiver from 2005. Trouble with that is it will only get one satellite at a time.
  7. Kirk, you have pretty much summed up my thoughts.
  8. Will be interesting to hear what other members think of this. PBS article
  9. Yes I had a couple of hundred but now down to 39
  10. I use Lastpass to generate and store my passwords. They are usually long and complicated and different for each and every site. I use 2 step verification on everything that's important like, bank accts, email, amazon, Lastpass etc.The only password that has to be one I remember is for the Lastpass. I change my passwords often which is easy to do with Lastpass maybe 3 to 4 times a year. Works well and I've been using it for 2 to 3 years now. There are other programs out there too like Keepass and others.
  11. I have the Tailgator for about 5 years and it's been great for me, no problems or issues. Been from NH to Texas and back with it among other places.
  12. I towed a 37' Cameo for a few years with a short bed truck that required a sliding hitch. I hated it. Because of the plate that goes on the trailer I had to be within 12 degrees of straight ahead to hook up or unhook making getting into tighter spots a pain or not possible. Because it was an auto slider the turning radius would change slightly as the hitch slid back and forth in the bed. Later on I traded for a long bed truck with a standard 5th wheel hitch and I liked it much better. If you can get away with not using a sliding hitch perhaps the short bed would be ok.
  13. Hi all, My wife and I are now hosting at Lake James State Park in Nebo, NC. We'll be leaving at the end of April and the host that was scheduled for May has backed out. This is a one month commitment in a beautiful state park on a huge lake. We are near great hiking,fishing,biking, shopping and restaurants. The staff here is friendly and helpful and treats the hosts very well. This is our 2nd tour here and we'll be returning next year. PM me for more details and contact info. You can also go to the Lake James State Park web page
  14. This site lists sites for sale and rent, I'm sure there are others. Also on craigslist go to the state and area and select parking and storage and put RV in the search box, do the same thing in real estate for sale. You might be surprised at what you come up with. http://www.rvproperty.com/
  15. Similar thing happened to me and it was a loose connection at the terminal on the RV end of the 50 amp cord. I bought a new socket and cut back the cable enough to eliminate the burned and charred wires. I was able to clean and reuse my trailer receptacle but it looks like you'll need to replace yours.
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