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  1. New cable and seals ordered. The old cable is a single wire. I hope the new one is too. It didn’t say on etrailer.com Wrknrvr , I heard an explanation of a plumber verses a pipe fitter one time… you put em both in a vat of cr-p , swing a shovel at their heads, and the plumber will duck…😹
  2. I sure do appreciate all you’ve done Kirk. A knife valve. I knew that a long time ago… when I was a young guy and could remember stuff. I’ve let it sit overnight with penetrant. It’s gonna get replaced with a new cable .
  3. I forgot to mention that it's a cable operated valve. I've always tried to keep it clean and lubed. Valve is out now and I took it apart and siliconed it but the cable is stuck. The valve plate works ok. I thought it rotated until I got a look at it. Then I saw that it is a slider. 8 ft long cable.I had to remove some of the underbelly fabric to access. It turned out not to be a Valterra, but a Plymouth Bristol. I looked for the brand online but only came up with a LaSalle Bristol. It's made differently than mine tho. So I worked my valve over pretty good and still ended up same as before, . stuck wire inside that 8 ft. long cable.. Well I'm at home, not travelling, so I'll continue tomorrow with this thing....
  4. 😒 Well don't you wish you could be me? I get to work on my sewer valve... So what happens when these Valterra valves fail open? Does the valve plate go past center? It's 12 yrs old. This is the 2nd time it's hung up in 3 yrs. Should I replace the valve?
  5. Don SC


    And here I was expecting a discussion about tires. I should have known.
  6. Since you say you're downsizing, that leaves out some high quality manufacturers ,ie, New Horizons, Luxe, Doubletree, because most of their units are over 34 ft in length. Along with the ones already mentioned I'd add KZ Jayco, and Cardinal , and of course, Hitchhikers and Excels, both of which went out of business in 2015.
  7. Don SC


    It sounds like you're not using enough liquid (sweet milk) in your batter. As far as baking powder and baking soda, my better half uses old stuff and new and the corn bread comes out great. You might try adding a little vinegar into the mix as it helps the dough rise. It's acidic.
  8. 1. Have you checked to make sure that your rv is level? Or nearly level.. 2.This no-start happens to us when I switch the fridge from gas directly to elect. mode without stopping at off first.
  9. I agree with rm.w/aview. Some form of reciprocal in lieu of the cash. Food works for me. I hope they can get their rv skirted.
  10. Haha! Well I won't need the umbrella. I did disconnect it and was trying to find out why there was no continuity on the wires from the corner outlet wires when I got to thinking about BigGreg's post. Sure enough, there's a junction box on the frame and sure enough it was full of water..Last week's camping trip got wet coming home. it was the cause of the GFI tripping and shutting down the fridge. I took a pic but not sure I can upload it. All the outlets are working now. I forgot that the outside outlet is on a separate feed and has its own switch just inside the door. No wonder I was havin trouble with it! Yeah I think you're right about the sensitivity of the GFI, Jim. Thank you everybody.
  11. There IS an outdoor outlet in the circuit, and it may be the one causing the grief, or as Big Greg says- a junction box. I'm trying to stay with this troubleshooting in 92 degree weather today. Right now I'm down to the last 2 outlets in the circuit- the outside one which is not getting power, and one in the street side rear of the camper, which has 3 romex cables attached to it. I've figured out 2 of them but the 3rd is a mystery . I thought it was the wiring feeding the outside outlet on the curb side but there's no continuity between the wires. If I reconnect this wiring at the street side rear outlet, the GFI trips. On another note, I keep wondering why the circuit breaker hasn't tripped- just the GFI. On our last camping trip last week, the outside outlet was working. RV outlets are tricky to work with, when trying to replace the wires on to the blades.
  12. A new GFI outlet didn't fix the problem. I have taken apart 4 outlets down line of the GFCI and am still troubleshootin. At the rear of the fridge the outlet has a problem that I'll try to figure out tomorrow. When I took off the wires leading to the next outlet after the fridge, and turned power back on, the fridge finally worked on electric and the GFCI didn't trip. Reconnecting the down line wiring trips the GFCI again. So I've removed the wires going from the fridge outlet and also from the next outlet past the fridge to see if there's continuity.
  13. I checked the fuses for continuity with a multimeter and they were both good. Tomorrow I'll get to Lowe's and get a new outlet.
  14. Yes, Kirk, I forgot to add that the12 volt wire connector was loose at the control board. It took me a while to figure out what it was--.This 2 wire cable coming down out of the side framing and returning back up into the framing again...I had no 12 volts until I tightened it. Now the fridge works on gas. But not on 115vac elect. But at least- No more blown 15 amp 12 volt fuses. It's getting fixed little by little.
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