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  1. Not sure your make, but I know that Vilano 5ers have heat pumps typically on just the front AC and therefore only listed on “front.” It still will provide some heat to the back via the racetrack ducting. The forced air heat supplies heat to the whole coach. Additionally the fireplace can be used to heat the rear. Nit sure if yours is the same, but that’s how VanLeighs work
  2. Lifeline AGM batteries are top-of-the-line AGMs. If you have technical questions, they also have wonderful customer service. Best prices I found on these a couple years ago, including free shipping, was from batteryguys.com
  3. $750 Bought Feb2019 for $1400. In excellent condition, just upgraded 5er. MS2812 will provide 2800W from 12V batteries to power coach, and has multistage charger that provides up to 125A. Automatic transfer switch will pass 60A when connected to shore power (60A one leg, or 30A each of two legs). 2800W 12VDC Pure Sine Inverter Charger MS Series | Magnum Dimensions (magnum-dimensions.com) Located in Crossville, TN
  4. Second the suggestion to look at Costco or Sams for two 6v batteries. Those are best capacity/price for decent batteries.
  5. A couple years ago we had also narrowed our search to Montana, Solitude, and VanLeigh Vilano...the solid wood cabinetry made the VL much more attractive than the other two. After a year and a half, and ~15k miles we’re very happy with our decision. Unfortunately all new rigs have bugs, but VanLeigh should be on your short list.
  6. Mark, You’re getting good advice on payload. Pin weighs spec’d are empty and without options. A good example is my situation: 35ft Vilano (nice 5er) has 2600lb “pin weight spec” and about 12,500 overall weight. After adding a few options, and stuff we carry to travel our 35ft 5er weights about 15,500lbs and has a true pin weight of 3500lb. With a 3/4T I suspect you’ll need to look at 5ers in the 9,000-10,000 range empty and no more than 12,000lb fully loaded...even that might be iffy if you want to stay within weights... Good luck, Ron
  7. I have a half-inch socket with weld marks on it from when I was a teenager (40+yrs ago) and crossed terminals when removing a battery from a car. That *shocking* experience has stayed with me and is front and center in my mind whenever working with high amperage DC current. This 5 second real-life experience is much more immediate to me than my 4yr EE degree :)
  8. I also have the Mopeka sensors. They work great when they work, but are a little finicky. Putting a dab of dielectric grease on the sensor before attaching it to the tank helps.
  9. We lived in MN (Lino Lakes) until 2016. Headed south in January a few times (once when it was -17 at home). Never had an issue traveling with light snow (other than cold ) but I wouldn’t travel if you were getting a foot! Better yet, we moved to an RV community in TN 3yrs ago. Now I don’t have to worry about winterizing, the RV or the House !!
  10. Have had both. Love our residential fridge. I recognize it needs more battery capacity, and plan accordingly. Would recommend anyone with a residential fridge to have 2 batts if just using between campgrounds, 4 if you want to do an overnight Walmart stop along the way. We have equivalent of 6, along with a 2k generator to top batts off if needed. Drycamped this summer a couple times a week each by just running generator about 3hrs each day to replenish from fridge, microwave, TV, etc etc day.
  11. With a residential fridge I believe you should have 2 batteries if you only go campground to campground, always plugging in. That will give you at least 12hrs without bringing your batteries below 12v which will start to harm them. If you want to be able to do a Walmart stopover, you need 4. That’s minimum I would recommend for anyone with a residential fridge. FYI - I have the equivalent of 6 (3 4D AGMs) along with an additional 2800W inverter, allows me to run everything by AC for a couple days. Nice to have that margin if you have the room, weight capacity, and $.
  12. We were just there 2works ago, stayed at Columbia Falls RV Park. Was OK but not cheap, 20min outside of Glacier. West side KOA would be better and closer, but much more expensive. Noticed several other parks on west side but didn’t investigate. Use RVParky or some other app to research, but suspect on short notice you’re going to have hard time getting anything for more than a few days. Good luck. PS - if you’re not planning it yet, I’d heartily recommend continuing your trip up to Banff and Canadian Rockies...Glacier was great (take Red Bus Tour) and Canadian Rockies even grea
  13. I agree those numbers aren’t very believable. Did you have the truck in gear and foot on the brake? That will affect numbers. Weights should be measured with truck in neutral, and I can’t imagine a valid scenario that would result in front L/R discrepancy
  14. I was looking hard at MaximumSignal a couple years ago, and probably would have purchased one if it didn’t take so long to get it rolled out. Since then I’ve delayed and not gotten near pulling the trigger until now. When I search I don’t find much support for Maximum Signal other than the manufacturer and a couple supporters on the Escapees thread, and most seem to put weBoost Drive 4G-X RV at the top of the list. Any recommendations or support for something you’ve used? We use State Parks a lot and have varied results with connectivity Thanks
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