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Refrigerator problems


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Someone may answer here  but it  would be better under Technical Tips and tricks.  At some point a moderator may move it there. They will ask for more information in order to help you. Have you smelled an ammonia smell near the frig or at the back. Hope not  as that is likely bad news but work the steps. BTW where are you and how cold is it where you are?  That can be a problem but it will at least most likely be a temporary one. Good luck.

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8 hours ago, Fireguy341 said:

I have a Norcold N811RT

Welcome to the Escapee forums. We are always happy to help and will do our very best. 

In this case we really have very little to go on, but I will share some thoughts and if you can answer a few related questions, I believe that we can probably help. My first question is, where are you and what is the outside temperature? That is important because the RV refrigerators work by first boiling a liquid refrigerant that must change into vapor to start the process. If you are in a part of the country that has been experiencing the severe and continuous cold weather, that will cause your refrigerator to lose cooling capacity and if cold enough it will completely stop cooling until the ambient temperature rises. If this is what you are experiencing, you may be able to correct things by placing 40 watt incandescent light in the lower area of your outside access and then restricting the airflow through the refrigerator by covering half of the ventilation openings. 

There are several other possible causes of your problems but if in extreme cold, I would address that issue first. In addition, under most circumstances the RV refrigerator will cool best when operating on propane, so if you are using shore power now try shifting to gas operation and see if things improve. Another possible cause is a need for defrosting as ice covering the cooling coils inside will greatly reduce the ability to cool. Did the problem happen suddenly, or slowly over time? Have you inspected the rear of the refrigerator to be sure that nothing is blocking the air movement through the coil and boiler areas and that the burner and flu areas are clear of dirt and other types of restriction? Have you done any sort of testing of the refrigerator yet?

There is a copy of the service manual for the 811RT online that you can download via this link. If you could get back to us we will do our best to help. 

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I agree with Kirk, the heaters could not generate adequate heat to boil the refrigerant properly. One   remedy is to block off the air inlet by 1/2 in extremely cold weather.

 Just be sure to remove the air intake block when outside temperature rises.

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