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Finally found my lost boondocking spot


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GCNP North Rim We found this spot right on the canyon edge years ago just exploring backroads and I have trying to find it on the map for a long time. It is east of Jacob Lake off 89A and down south on House Rock Valley Rd. I knew it was on that road but every time I looked for that name I kept getting hits on the road North of 89 which runs to very well known sites like Wire Canyon.

But the place I was looking for is south on the , what I call, a high speed gravel road FR8910 (House Rock Valley RD) it eventually leads to a well known Nakoweep (sp?) trail which is right on the Marble Canyon Rim. The place we stopped at was at 36.421 -111.902 near that point anyway. You could camp right on the rim. It is a long way off 89 tho, about 25 miles.


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I kept looking into the area after I posted. When we visited the area it was FS land, I'm positive since a couple of fellows in a FS truck came by and chatted for a minute or two. But now it seems to be BLM land. Do they trade land back and forth? Obviously BLM land is better than FS for boondocking. There was a camp set up on the rim a couple of tents, occupants were not there tho.

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Sweetwater ll,  fyi,  if you click on the three dots in the upper corner of your post you can edit your post in the same block.  Something I have to do all to often.  It is what it is but there used to be the word edit at the bottom of a post that was really easy to find.

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50 years ago my mother and grandmother found a beautiful spot on edge of north rim while sight seeing in the west in small car.  No other people, cars or RVs and no paved roads or parking areas or guard rails or stone walls. The small dirt road dead ended at very edge.  Nothing.  They were all alone and had the magnificent view all to themselves.  Very brave female travel pioneers.  I wish I could have been with them.  Cheers For The New Year.

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There are a number of spots like that, this area is one but one the other side of the park is Toroweep but that road is supposed be difficult. When we asked about it at the ranger station we were advised not to try iot that year--washouts. And for that matter there are plenty of places inside the park you can do that if you get away from the campground/visitor center area. They have trails along the rim that run for miles. And the scenic drive will take you to little visited spots on the rim with no rails and not many people but plenty of ravens.

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There is very nice camping if you take 67 south to DeMotte national forest campground (which is nice, also) and then take 22/222 to Fire Point.  We drove it in the Jeep and a truck camper would be able to do it.  Beautiful rim view.  The road was in very good condition but it's narrow for a bigger RV.  That area has some very nice boondocking spots.

Full-timed for 16 Years
Traveled 8 yr in a 2004 Newmar Dutch Star 40' Motorhome
and 8 yr in a 33' Travel Supreme 5th Wheel

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