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Looking for suggestions about traveling ina small 24 ft RV with a cat and " a litter box?"

Mark Crootof

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Hi folks, We are brand new to this as I just picked up my Coachman Prism (24 ft) 10 days ago.  I had hoped I would be smart enough to 

ask all the right questions but I didn't  and am quickly learning that these new rigs don't always have the items we hope for and / or expect. 

I am a semi retired veterinarian and love my pets and  family. I would enjoy taking my huge labradoodle(over 90 lbs) and my very social kitty

on our trips ( Family is fine but they don't like idea of a litter box being too "open". I know I would be happy to clean it often but that isn't 

getting me anywhere with the others. Wondering if anyone has any suggestions.  Thanks and all advice is needed and appreciated. 


( I assumed all RV would come with an inverter/ solar controller, waste hose, water hose  and a bunch of other items I consider essential.

Totally wrong on all accounts - oh well, very big learning experience) 

Stay safe and be well/ 


Relaxing with Charlie.jpg

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Welcome to RV life and the forum!

A common location for the litter box in RV's is the shower stall. Any spillage can't go far and is easily cleaned. Obviously the box must be removed to use the shower... :)

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15 hours ago, Mark Crootof said:

I assumed all RV would come with an inverter/ solar controller, waste hose, water hose  and a bunch of other items I consider essential.

The dealer should have included a water hose and waste hose plus a 4-pack of TP.  But, the water hose and waste hose would be cheapies, so you'd want to buy better quality stuff, anyway.

Inverters are usually options and normally don't come standard (except, perhaps, on the high-end Class A's).  A solar controller wouldn't be installed unless you have solar panels.  If you have solar installed in the future, the installer will include the controller, too.

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Hi there, I know this is an older post from end of last year - just curious if you made it out on the road with your kitty and how that went?

I'm about to embark on my full-time adventure with my cat in a 24 ft Class-C and as was recommended here, I'm going to either use the shower stall to keep the litterbox in between showering, or better yet, on the floorboard of the front passenger seat since I'm traveling solo. Not as much of an option with a family though, hope you have been doing well and love your photos!




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We use one of our compartments for the kitty litter box by just cutting a hole in the side for the cat to go in and out. One compartment that comes to mind is under the dining table seat. We have never had any smell issues, but it depends which brand of litter you use and also how often you clean it out.

If we ever sell our RV, I can cover the hole with a decorative board or a insert panel and wall paper.

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I have recently taken on a new feline. She was at the park when I pulled in, looked like a kitten so I asked about it. The park manager said it recently just showed up. I have posted about it on a couple of the other sections. 

I previously had a couple cats in the sticks and bricks but since I started living full time in my home on wheels I had resisted getting replacements. My Daughter was adopted by an feline a few years ago and I was the "Winter Break" caregiver while she was at FSU undergrad. (Her Mother say's she is allergic to Cat's). I always missed her cat once she picked him up after the break and allowed this one to adopt me. 

My litter box is in the toy hauler garage and isn't an issue with odor at all. I do keep only a small amount of litter in place and do the sift cleaning at least once a day and add just a little litter as needed. It's seems so much easier than when I used to put in the whole container of litter and then have to sift through it all. One minute vs nearly 5 minutes. 

The big test will be the beginning of next month when I will be moving 400 miles stopping for a week and then another 700 miles for the summer location. My hope is she will be find in my truck on the road and not try and find a place to hide the whole time. 

Today she got her first experience with a leash harness. It only took 4 times to get it sized correctly and put on. Haven't actually attached the leash yet, but will sometime this weekend. She liked playing with the leash handle and it distracted her from having the harness on, at least today. I'm hoping for similar responses this evening. 




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