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  1. I highly recommend these guys: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/ - They are also Escapee members! They've been advising people on getting internet set up while mobile for years and have a huge library of resources both on their website as well as on youtube videos. They have beginner guides and go all the way up into complex Multi-router-modem technology for the pros. If you want to learn about hotspots, they are a great resource! Here's a link to their mobile Hostpot section: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/gear/mobile-hotspots-and-modems/
  2. Hi there, I know this is an older post from end of last year - just curious if you made it out on the road with your kitty and how that went? I'm about to embark on my full-time adventure with my cat in a 24 ft Class-C and as was recommended here, I'm going to either use the shower stall to keep the litterbox in between showering, or better yet, on the floorboard of the front passenger seat since I'm traveling solo. Not as much of an option with a family though, hope you have been doing well and love your photos!
  3. Saw the "trains" over New Mexico, even the locals were convinced it was another Roswell/Alien sighting! 😉 https://www.krqe.com/photo-galleries/video-new-mexico-residents-report-strange-lights-in-night-sky/
  4. I second this recommendation 100%! They also have a website and a series of complete online courses you can take if you join as a member here: https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/ - but a large percentage of their content is FREE, no need to join unless you want that extra helping-hand in getting your setup built out. What I like about these two are how dedicated they are to staying on top of all the latest technology, which changes rapidly both for mobile and stationary internet hardware and options. I've been following them on youtube for a couple of years as I started down the path to mak
  5. Update to this story: I did it! I'm now officially "one of y'all" and joining the Class-C Club! 2003 Gulfstream Independence Found this great deal on an older Class-C listed by a wonderful retired couple outside Fort Worth, they have a lovely horse ranch between Azle and Weatherford. It's got 80k miles, in really great shape, well maintained, and was kept under a large carport they keep their horse trailers under for the whole time they owned it. The tires have all been replaced in the last 2-3 years too. They took the time to walk me through the whole rig, give me a "101" cour
  6. Awesome, thanks again for being so helpful. I am watching the first one and really great to follow their personal decision-making process (pros and cons) of buying a used RV from Cruise America.
  7. Oh this is great information, thanks! To know that they actually bought a second RV from Cruise America is encouraging. My confidence level in private-sellers on FB Marketplace or craigslist isn't real high but the dealerships just don't have many available as we talked about, so it's good to have another option to consider!
  8. Definitely a good idea. Since everyone here has great advice, I'm curious what your thoughts are on the "Cruise America" Class-C RV post-rental purchase program? While most of them are out of my price-range (unless I finance higher amount), they do come with good warranties and look very clean and well-maintained. My only concern is the high mileage most of them have (130k+ avg) since they have definitely been driven a lot as rental vehicles. I tried to do a search of the forums here to see if there were any Escapees folks with experience from having bought one. Is it generally con
  9. This is great advice and I didn't know that about not always posting every low-end RV online. I guess I better make plans for a weekender shopping trip over there between now and mid-May, thanks!
  10. Thanks for the advice and I agree... I might just need to come to DFW for an extended weekend and drive around to all the dealerships. I've tried looking at their website inventory lists, but with so many dealers and not all keeping their sites up to date, it's like searching for a needle in a haystack for a low-priced older Class-C.
  11. Thanks for the reference! I'll bookmark that one and check them daily when I check PPL. They've only got a couple listed right now, but I know trade-ins come and go fast.
  12. Right now I'm temporarily over in New Mexico (Ruidoso!) but I'll be heading back to the mid-central area (Austin/San Antonio) in May if I haven't already found an RV out this way (I'm also looking in AZ). I can drive over to Dallas in a day for overnight/weekend if I need to when the right one comes along. I will be going down to Livingston once I get one for the title/registration transfer, etc.
  13. Yes! I've had PPL on "speed-dial" lookup for the past week or two after discovering them via RVTrader and a few local facebook recommendations. I think I might have luck with them if I'm quick about being first to show up with money in hand, and I'm glad to have another recommendation that they are reliable and a good resource, thank you! I agree, most of the dealership used Class-Cs are in the 30k+ range but a few mid-20k older rigs do get traded in so I'm keeping an eye out and appreciate anyone alerting me to one at a dealership. I can actually go a bit higher (25k-ish) from
  14. Coming back to Escapees after a very long hiatus. I'm looking for a smaller (21-26ft) Class-C for solo travel and having a tough time finding one! Most of the ones in my price-range (10-20k) are the big 28-30+ft models and I just don't need that much for myself solo. Any good resources in Texas/New Mexico/Arizona you can recommend? I'm watching RVTrader, RVT, Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, all the usual places. Thanks!
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