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In my opinion, no this is not a good choice to get into the hobby. This transceiver is for 10-12 meter bands and will require a General license to get the full functionality out of it. Your first level of license will be technician which allows you to operate in a very limited way on the 10m band, but allows nearly full operation in the 6m - 23cm bands with operations in the 2m and 70cm bands being the most common. 

So my suggestion would be getting a Baofeng F8HP which is dual band 2m/70cm for around $75 if you want to transmit once you have a license. If all you want to do is listen and you are getting the RCI-2950 for free or cheap (that pic looks like an older one) then go for it.


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If you are just getting into ham radio, go ahead and take the upgrade to the General class.  The Technician class keeps you off the HF bands. 

As for the radio above, DON'T.  Get a decent VHF/UHF radio for the most use to start with.  Look at the ARRL website for the band plan to see where the different classes of license can operate.


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I agree with the comments above.  Limiting yourself to just the 10 meter band, you will find very little activity.  We are currently near the bottom of the solar cycle (but moving in the right direction) and conditions on 10 meters is generally poor.  Once we near the top of the cycle in a few years, the 10 meter band will come alive with lots of activity.

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If you find a radio for sale (after you get your license) you can check out user experiences with radios on www.eham.com before you but it.   You will also find antenna reviews as well, which you'll need if you buy a mobile unit.

Be ware when you read them, some of the posts are quite old although may still be realavant.  HAM Antenna's dont' wear out from use, but can wear out from abuse, like tree limbs and driving into your garage....



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