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better battery


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what ever happened to the solid state battery? was a bit of talk then only crickets.

was hopping for something at 1/4 the cost of a lipo. with better ratings.

as my lead acid are heavy. my rv needs to go on a diet.  and there is no way i can afford lipo units. not at a grand each.

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I fly radio control planes and helicopters, and battery technology is a huge factor for those items.  On the RC forum that I frequent, there is a long-running thread titled "Some Company Announces Groundbreaking Battery - Again".  

The thread is essentially about the fact that battery technology researchers are constantly releasing stories about their newest breakthrough that is going to change the industry. Lighter, cheaper, higher energy density, etc. When in fact, most of there claims are inflated and/or flat out fabrications.

Lithium batteries have been a great leap forward, and there will undoubtedly be others, but for now lead-acid is the proven, affordable base option, and lithium is the (relatively) new kid on the block with many advantages, but they are expensive.

FWIW I put lithium batteries in my RV for about $650 each. Still expensive, but if you do some looking and wait for sales you can save a lot of money. I replaced 4 lead-acid with two lithium, so factor that in. Not quite the equivalent usable amp-hours but close enough. And much, much lighter overall. 

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as now i am running 4 lead acid 6volt. 

gives me plenty of juice. lipo would be great but even at the cost you posted that is a full replacement set of mine. sure less weight, not much but less.

just was wondering about the “new” solid state.

but guess for now just snake oil.

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While I am happy with a pair of Battleborn Li batteries, if you are looking for an alternate to lead acid and don't need to save weight, and want a wide temperature charging range, check out SiO2 batteries.  About as close to solid state as you can get...

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On 8/30/2020 at 6:32 AM, Al F said:

Amazon shows a price of $480 for a 100AH SiO2 battery.  

They are not temperature-sensitive lke LIon either.


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