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How much can my truck really tow.


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Without knowing more about it, we have to guess but if we assume that yours is a 1500 model, then it has a GVWR of about 6800# and a maximum towing weight of 10,600#. Most experienced travel trailer or fifth wheel owners agree that you should use 80% of the design weight to allow for more comfortable handling and extra safety margin. To get weights that are specific to your truck, you need to get the data for the model that you have and the best way to calculate it is to use this towing weight calculator supplied by the website of Changin Gears. Tell us more about your truck and we can be of more help. If your truck is a 2500 or 3500, the towing weight will be greater. 

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It appears that engine is available only in the 1500 series of trucks.  OP - at the very least you will need to know the rear axle ratio of the truck.  It makes a significant difference. It appears that engine was available with either 3.08 or 3.42 rear axle ratio. 

This may be useful to you:  2013 Silverado Towing Guide

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If you have the factory tow package you will have the 3.42 rear axle ratio.  The best way to tell is by the RPO codes. There is a decal in your glove box that has all the RPO codes for you vehicle. Take a picture of it and go online and look up 2013 Silverdo RPO codes. You will be able to tell everything from ratios to cooling and so on all valuable info for towing. 

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In addition to how much your truck can tow is how much your truck can carry. Payload is based on trim level and option - there’s a sicker on the driver’s door that will tell you how much cargo you can add to the truck.

I once looked at a loaded Ram Laramie 1500 that had a cargo capacity of 1068 lbs. When I added up my trailer’s 750 lb tongue weight (that’s carried by the truck), my weight (say 150 lbs for an average) and some stuff (generator, propane fire ring and portable solar panel) and the truck would be overweight. My trailer is well under the towing rating with a GVWR of 5500 lbs.

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Use this travel trailer towing calculator and you can be sure you have it  right.


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