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Interesting Site for COVID-19 Stats by zip code


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Thank you so very much for this valuable link. I  note that Polk County, Texas has the lowest ratio of persons infected. This is of special interest to us as our daughter resides at the SKP CARE center there in Livingston.  Officially,  we too are residents of Polk County, but as fulltimers we are spending our time in the high desert of California safely in our Jojoba Hills site. Not much travel for us this year.  As always, oRV

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8 hours ago, Rosita said:

I plugged in my zip code; the numbers displayed were for the entire county, not one specific zip code. Did I miss something?

I was disappointed by that as well. Our county is HUGE and includes all of Minneapolis proper as well as many suburbs. At least I already knew we only had two cases in our gigantic apartment complex and two cases in the attached care center near the beginning of the pandemic and none since. Being a senior living facility, management is required to report to the local health authority so they tell us residents as well.

This place has done an excellent job of supporting people staying within our own apartments. Today we had all this year's high school and college graduates who work here parade around the outside of the building, which took 45 minutes, while we all stood on our balconies and applauded them. We had also filled out cards for each of them offering our words of wisdom to replace the speakers they didn't get to have. I love this place!


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4 hours ago, trostberg said:

I had been wondering how the folks in Livingston were after I heard about the MD that had exposed a number to the virus.   I volunteered at CARE in Jan.

Our daughter tells us that no one associated with CARE has yet displayed the symptoms of the Covid 19 virus. We hold all in prayer as CARE has a very special population.  

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