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Jackalopee history


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Did some computer "cleanup" and archiving found this "gem"


The very first hard wired Jackalopee. If memory serves me right it took a whole day and was mounted in the hydraulics bay on the original Phoenix bed


Note the date on the photo 2009. After spending a day on it, there was a realization that this was nonsense, all these wires needed to be on a printed circuit board, hence this.


Check the Copyright date on the PCB (bottom right corner)


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I studied the Mountain Master approach (and many others). Most of them kind of "flop over" when the center of gravity comes over the edge during loading. This system controls the loading mass with hydraulic cylinders, in both directions, 100% of the time.

This was during one of my "retirement" (one of many) periods in 2008-9, plenty of time on my hand and restless brain. About 6 months of intense engineering and year and half to that prototype. The truck is still around on a second owner in Arizona, good friends of ours. 

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Most beds are 5 inches thick, this one is 8 inches thick that's what is required for all the hydraulics and the sliding rails. Found a nice series of pictures of the "sequence". Starts going up straight.


Unequal front and rear arms start tipping it over.


It's over and the edge, lot's of hydraulic "oomph" required to get it to this point, over 30,000 pounds


Ramp start coming out


Ramp starts "flattening out"


All unloaded, happy new owner.


Incidentally that's Donnie Barnes, I showed up a year and half later (after he gave me keys to this truck and this Smart) and handed to him the remote.

He and his partners brought over from Sweden the Red Hat software and developed industrial applications for it, he was retired at 29, "playing". Very nice (and patient) individual.



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