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East Coast Rally Update #2


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So far have 58 folks registered with Kim for camping sites and slightly less registered for the rally.  T-shirt orders end March 7.  Have 11 new folks coming so excited about that.  I would urge you to go ahead and register for the rally if you haven't yet.  We have only a few sites left and when they are full we will have to cut off registration.  Those of you that have already spoken to Kim needn't worry, she's holding your site but we will have to release those at some point if you don't make a decision.  I would also say if she doesn't have a site, get on the waiting list as circumstances always cause some last minute cancellations. 

The schedule is almost complete and will be posted on the website as soon as it is.  We have some new seminar topics to present which should appeal to everyone.  You will also notice the schedule inludes more free and socializing time than previous.  This was done in response to previous survey wishes by the attendees.  We also have some new evening "social activities" that should be fun. 

I have had several folks ask how to pay to register if they don't have a PayPal account.  The Registration Page upon cart checkout will take you to a PayPal page.  You will notice at the bottom of the block it gives the option of paying with PayPal or credit card.  Just fill in the card information and you're done.  It does not create a PayPal account for you.  We simply use PayPal to house the registration funds and issue refunds if necessary.

Again looking forward to seeing everyone in April.  Anyone needing to contact me can at ecrcarl at gmail dot com.

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39 minutes ago, Star Dreamer said:

We have a spot reserved with Kim but are waiting till we have a surgery schedule from the wife's doctor to verify we can make it and make our rally registration. Hopefully by the end of the week we will know something.

Dave (& Deb)

Hope everything goes well. Also hope to see ya.

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