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Rental car survey of most popular places to visit


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Wow! We've been to all of them. 

I agree, I can't imagine the Tall Grass Prairie being on the list. I would guess most have never heard of it.  However, if you're traveling across the Plains this is worth a stop.  You can't see much from your car so best to get out and walk the easy trails.  There's very little of this Prairie left compared to what it was many years ago.

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Yeah we only could stop for a couple hours but it was well worth the visit. The people running the place said we were actually too early (early July) to really see the place since the grass was still growing.

However there couldn't have been 20 people visiting so that makes it's inclusion on the list puzzling.


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While I might put them in a different order, noting in the top 10 surprises me. Number 24 is interesting since they separate it from Mt. Rushmore, #8. I'm not sure how you visit Mt. Rushmore without visiting the Black Hills, but perhaps there were participants in the survey who don't realize that is the case? White Sands (25) surprises me just as much as Tall Grass(30). I have been to Tall Grass many times, starting well before it was a national preserve since we crossed it to visit my grandparents back when it was still a private cattle ranch. We spend time on a relative's farm each year that is only a few miles from it now. Even so, I'm surprised that many people even know about it or the White Sands. I would not have expected Cadillac Ranch either. In my opinion it would be a major disappointment to travel so far just to see it. On the entire list, there are only 3 that we have not been to. 

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I suspect the Cadillac Ranch, Las Vegas and New Orleans show that people with different 'preferences' also travel. And probably not just to see the place. Most of us here are more in tune with visiting natural scenic areas but there are a lot of folks who are interested in urban attractions.

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