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Insurance caveats


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I am curious about another thread i just read about insurance, I just called Miller Insurance to get a quote, and found out they will not insure me as a RV in my HDT because I have a gooseneck hitch, and not a 5th wheel, which seems odd to me but most underwriting guidelines have a reason. But my real question is that some members mentioned no being covered while bobtailing other members said some vendors wont cover you if you are still tandem.  My GMAC/National General Camping, says nothing about either of those things, In fact my policy says nothing about much of anything other than being a vanilla auto policy, where did you guys hear about these caveats? I assume they would need to be stated in writing in the policy? secondly I was shocked to find out what some of you are paying for insurance, while mine did go up $40 this year I am only paying $1200 a year for 2 trucks and 2 trailers


Bodily Injury $500,000 Each Person / $500,000 Each Accident
Property Damage $500,000 Each Accident
Uninsured / Underinsured Motorist Bodily Injury $250,000 Each Person / $500,000 Each Accident
Medical Payments

$5,000 Each Person / Each Accident


So am I missing something? I am not a full timer so that may have something to do with my premiums, I just want to make sure that I have adequate insurance, I know you never really know until you need to use it but I want a little peace of mind.

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We specifically asked our agent if the truck/RV was covered during bobtailing.  For 4 years it was our daily driver so it had to be.  Both companies we have had covered the truck "Fulltime"  as long as they had the trailer policy as well.

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My truck is registered as an RV in Kansas, my insurance is written as a commercial policy with a million liability.    I pay right at 1000.00 a year.    I have no restrictions of use.


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I am in California, I guess my question is for people that have that limitation is it clearly spelled out in their policy? I called yesterday and confirmed that My RV policy is National General 02107 (02012000) Personal Auto Policy, even thought it says personal Auto it is clearly has my Trucks listed by make and model, International and Freightliner and they were in the computer when i added them so they had to know they are not pickup trucks.  I do only have 5000 miles a year as my annual mileage which may be a bit conservative but not overly. But basically my policy has no language that even says it is for RV's let alone HDTs, espesscially anything detailing what type of hitch i have or if i am single or tandem


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I also have a National General policy and I have asked their representatives about limitations some may have and have been told there are none.  I even asked them about pulling trailers other than the RV and they have assured me there are no limitations as long as it isn't commercial. Since none are included in the policy I don't  believe there are any for my policy.

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