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Reverse osmosis deal


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The system linked above appears to be a low pressure RO sys, which are only practical with fairly clean input water, otherwise the membrane fouls quickly. The systems I am familiar with are all high pressure, which work well when the input source water is dirty or salty.

Yes, I process 4 gals of raw water to generate 1 gal of drinking water. But when there is no spigot nearby, processing 4 gal of lake water, river water or sea water to get me 1 gal of drinking water is not wasting any water, since it drains back in the river, lake or ocean. 

I agree that RO isn't needed where you're simply filtering already good water. But when dirty lake or river water, or salty sea water is your only source, then RO is a great solution. When I live on my Sailboat for 5 months each winter, I live off RO water made from unlimited sea water. In the Bahamas, there is no fresh water, all the inhabited islands & towns use RO water for everyday water needs. When I pull into a marina, they will sell me RO water for $ .50 a gal, or I can make my own for pennies a gal.

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2 hours ago, MidMOTraveler said:

You do know that RO wastes 75% of the water. So for every gallon run through the RO system will only yield 1 quart! 

I know some people have health reasons for RO water, for most of us a carbon filter is all new for taste. 

Yes, I do not have one nor intend on getting one.  I just posted it up for people that are looking for one.  I use 2 water filters, water softener and a Big Berkey for cooking and drinking.

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Since we are always hooked to a reasonably decent water supply, I do not see the need for an RO system.  If the water is really bad, yes, look at an RO system.  

I run a system with larger replaceable cartridge filters form Home Depot or Lowe's.  First is a wound element sediment filter and next a carbon element filter..  Finally a water softener.  The filters are changed every 2 to 3 months unless we get some bad water.  The water softener is an On The Go Double and it will typically run 2 to 3 weeks.  

We run all water through the system, and have a Splindide combo washer drier and a Vesta dishwasher.  Almost 6 years on the road  full time with this system.  I did have to replace the resin beads in the water softener after we left northern Minnesota as the excess iron in the water fouled the resin bed and if would not do a decent job of softening the water.  The resin was pretty inexpensive.

The filter elements can be picked up at Walmart or most big box stores.


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4 hours ago, MidMOTraveler said:

You do know that RO wastes 75% of the water. So for every gallon run through the RO system will only yield 1 quart!  

Easy fix. You just plumb the RO waste water back into your RV water tank.

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