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Bluegrass Festivals?


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Any good ones coming up that aren't too big; easy in and out and good for a dog to be left in trailer for an hour or so at a time? I go for the camp ground picking as much or more than the acts so just need one that has close proximity of camp ground and show so I can check on dog.


Mega shows like Telluride et al out of the question I know but I've been to some real goos small ones where you can camp within a few hundred yards of the stage. Old Huck Finn when in Victorville and Summergrass in Vista two that come to mind I used to go to annually.


Like I said nit looking for all star line ups but just being in the scene!




Az Tex

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Too late for this year, but I enjoy going to the Colorado River Bluegrass Festival in Blythe CA.  For the past 32 years it's been held on the third weekend in January, immediately preceding Big Tent Week, the high point of the season in nearby Quartzsite.

The Festival is held at the smallish Fairgrounds and there is dry camping for all sizes of RVs in the parking lot, a short walk from the activities.  The. Fairgrounds supplies washtub fireplaces and firewood so there's lots of good campground picking in the evenings.


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