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  1. I don't know these folks. Are they in Billings, MT? Could you give me some additional information please?
  2. We just spent two months at Canyon Ferry, MT and have a freezer full of walleye. We are now in Billings, MT and staying put until after Labor Day. Then we start the trek back to AZ. Should be back there by the middle of September. Hope everyone is having as much fun as we can at this time.
  3. Good to see a few people checking in to let us know they are okay. Jim and I leave Apache Junction on the 14th. Headed for Montana and some walleye fishing. Going to avoid cities and people as much as we can.
  4. Had dinner last night with Jeff and Tina. So fun to see them and get caught up a little bit on our lives. Miss all the good times we used to have as a group.
  5. Linda - I have to admit, that one took me a few seconds. Love it.
  6. Merry Christmas from all four of us Dixons. Jim, Sandie, Rocky, and Skittlez
  7. Merry Christmas from the Dixons. We are enjoying our desert Christmas with NO snow.
  8. Jeff and Tina - sure looking forward to getting together with you guys. Hope you can get out of town. We had dinner with Jeri and Terry yesterday. Was a good time. Jeri keeps herself (and Terry) busy enough for 10 people.
  9. We won't be going to Q this year. But if you get anywhere near Apache Junction, we sure would like to see you guys.
  10. We haven't had carpet installed by RV Renovators but they have done a lot of work for us and several others that we know. In fact we won't take the RV anyplace else.
  11. Good to hear from you guys. We have cooled down a lot (into the lower 90s) so Jim finally got to go fishing today. He came home exhausted but happy. We also had a theft here in the park a couple of weeks ago. Our friends trailer got hit hard (we have what we call overflow parking here inside the park where we can leave our trailers). We didn't lose that much - only a few hundred dollars worth of stuff. We think they got interrupted because they only took one of our friend's propane tanks and left lots of stuff in his bays. It's just such a horrible feeling when you are robbed. Good luck with that knee - keep working it. Hope everybody had a great summer and if anybody gets out our way this winter, we'd love to see you.
  12. And the ice cream machine. Be sure to thank Dave for designing our map. So many good times.
  13. I think it served its purpose well for ten years but as most of us don't travel like we used to, it really doesn't get used. We've had wonderful times meeting up with all of you along the way and hopefully we aren't done meeting up totally. Thanks to Dave and Jeri for all their work. We really appreciate it.
  14. I miss IYQ also. We've lost a few of our group and so many of us have "settled". But oh the memories we have of the last ten years.
  15. I just want to let you all know that I am tired of hospitals and doctor's offices. Jim has been in the hospital four times this year which means a zillion follow up doctor appointments. But I brought him home this morning from this last procedure to rotor rooter his left leg artery which was almost totally shut down from plaque. The procedure was scheduled for Tuesday morning but they couldn't do it because his kidney function was lousy. So they kept him overnight to flush out his kidneys and then did the job Wednesday afternoon, He was supposed to come home last night but his blood wouldn't thicken up so they could remove the tube and he wouldn't bleed to death. So he spent another night in their company and I brought him home this morning. So far summer hasn't been too bad here in AZ. We had a couple of 112 days but most of the time its 104 or 105. You actually do get used to it. However they are saying we will have some days over 120 and I'm not too sure how we'll do then. For those of you who have explored the Superstition Mountains and Wilderness, there is a huge fire burning just north of Superior. It is over 50,000 acres and about 41 percent contained. However the winds are supposed to pick up tomorrow which is not good. The road from Apache Junction up to Canyon Lake and Tortilla Flat all the way to Roosevelt Lake is closed. Today everybody at Roosevelt Lake were under a mandatory evacuation. They figure they will lose about 75% of the Wilderness area. From our place we can see the smoke just pouring over the top of Superstition Mountains. Hope everybody is having a great summer. Check in once in awhile.
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