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Help Identify Bus Conversion/RV Systems?


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I am the proud momma of an amazing bus converted to an RV.   I know nothing about systems within it,  and am looking for help from this community to identify and perhaps mentor me in getting things working (brand new it looks like,  might work now ).   Anyway,  I have attached some pics of some of the systems within the bus.  Any identification, information, advice that can be offered would be GREATLY appreciated.     

I am trying to figure out if the heater is propane/gas?  Same with the heater.    Probably sound like a moron,  but THERE ya go!

Thank You For Your Time and Expertise!

Bus Pics 1.JPG

pic 2.JPG

bus 3.JPG

bus 4.JPG

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Sorry I can't help you with your questions about your bus. 

Perhaps if you could find some ID of some of the components you have questions about, and post the manufacturer, it might help other's help you?

But I think your best bet, would be to look for forums of Old Bus Conversions, and network with fellow owner's. 

Wish you the best of luck with this adventure in learning more about your bus:)!



Be safe, have fun,


04 CC Allure "RooII" - Our "E" ride for life!

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