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  1. I’ve hiked the canyon several times. Always have seen a couple helo evacs daily usually involving dehydration in spite of signs being posted. A 2000 dollar plus helicopter evacuation is a good come uppance to carrying more water.Selfies have really accelerated the falls recently.......in spite of signs warning of the dangers. Maybe its an illiteracy thing.....can’t read the signs
  2. I don’t care how anyone tries to pigeon hole our lifestyle. Home inSoCal, cabin in northern Minnesota, 24’ travel trailer.....we are living the life, our life.
  3. Silver Strand in Coronado San Onofre State Park/beach n. San Diego county, dry camping Rincon , between Ventura and Santa Barbara dry camping Hobson Beach county park , Ventura county, full hook ups in some sites. these are in the southern part of the state. Not particularly quiet as you have the constant roar of the surf, I-5 or rt 101 and train tracks
  4. You have a turbocharger and an old cooktop. I hope the turbo is not piped to the stove
  5. If it helps there a bus that runs from Seward to ANC so you don’t need to rent a car. The Seward highwY is a great drive, very scenic
  6. We have a boat and ATV in N. Central Minnesota. Every fall I charge the batteries , unhook them, and leave them in an unheated storage unit for the winter. No problems starting them in spring without a charger. Eventually an old tired battery won’t handle this but it will be replacent time then anyway
  7. If I can’t get it at Home Depot or amazon ( secondary choice) I probably don’t need it
  8. Carrying the manuals to the various components on your rv can go a long way to helping trouble shoot things. My owners manual is rather pathetic when it comes to that. The most oft mentioned thing in the keystone manual was “ refer to specific manufacturers manual for info”. This led me to search out, download and print each items manual. It’s all in a binder for reference
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