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Welcome to the Escapee forums! Happy to have you with us here and we will do all that we can to help you.

Keep in mind that any RV from 2006 is now about 13 years old and as such it could have potential problems, but it is also possible that it has hardly been used and very well cared for, but how do you know which it is? There are professional RV inspection services that may be a very wise choice. In this case, you also have a diesel engine and chassis to be concerned about. You could either get one of the professional inspection service folks or you could get a mobile RV tech to go over it, but in that case I would also take it to a trusted diesel shop for evaluation. Your profile shows you to be in Houston, TX and there are several RV inspection services listed there. A few examples are:

Cliff Jones RV Service               RV Inspector Pro          Premier RV Inspections           NRVIA

While the brand you are considering isn't at the top of most manufacturer lists for quality & support, there is no manufacturer that is so bad that they have no satisfied customers and even those at the top are not so perfect that they have no unhappy customers. Even the most perfectly built RV of the very highest quality could be just another money pit after 10+ years of use. 

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14 hours ago, Nigel0434 said:

Yes the one in Motorhomes of Texas. Is it in good condition given what you saw!

What the pictures show look pretty good but as one who dabbles in photography, I can tell you that pictures do sometimes lie so be careful. In looking through the pictures I notice repeated shots of the tires, which leads to a warning. Do not be mislead by the appearance of the tires as they do not show the date code and that is the thing which is of critical importance! Very seldom does a motorhome tire actually wear out but they get replaced due to age and that is done to avoid a blowout at highway speeds. 


Motorhome tires should be replaced at between 5 and 7 years of age and I know of none that have any warranty beyond the age of 10 years. Since you have no knowledge of the tire history on a used RV, I would budget to replace all 6 of them if the tires are more than 5 years old.

Beyond this, I will say that no sales organization is going to publish photos in an advertisement that show potential problems with an RV. There are no close-up shots of the interior or of the roof, both critical areas. The price listed is about where the NADA book indicates that it should be and the pictures don't show any major issues so I would consider it worth looking at if it seems attractive to you. I think that before you do so you should take the time to read this article on how to inspect an RV before buying it and I also suggest that you carefully go over this checklist from Changing Gears. If you do not see any major problems, then hire a professional to go through the RV and evaluate it for you. One other thing that could be important is that many lenders are reluctant to finance an RV that is more than 10 years old. You may want to check on load availability if that matters to  you.

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