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I'm amazed to see that a number of people actually view these posts.  I'd like to think it's not possible for malware to be planted on our computers through a forum post, but with stuff coming from not-particularly-friendly countries, who knows what their equivalent of our NSA has managed to come up with?  I wouldn't touch these posts with a ten foot pole.  There's really no good reason to.




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18 minutes ago, Optimistic Paranoid said:

I'm amazed to see that a number of people actually view these posts.

You just expressed my thoughts too. I was on when 3 more of the sources popped up and found that I had to move really fast to get them blocked and hidden before someone viewed at least a few of the new posts.

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I've been offline for four days and when I finally got back on today I had 75 e-mails in my inbox.  They were written, (subject line only, I guess) in either Chinese or Japanese.  I've had a few before but as I always do, I delete them all without opening them.  Is this what you are talking about or is it something else?  If it's something else, any suggestions on how to get them out of my inbox other than what I've been doing?

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Easy way to avoid that is don’t use email notifications of forum activity.  Just come and look at new posts since your last visit, that way moderators have already squashed the posts and they don’t clog your mail box

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